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Best Cat Ear Cleaners
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Cleaning your cat’s ears is essential to maintaining their general health and well-being. It not only reduces illnesses, but it also helps you bond with your feline companion. However, with so many cat ear cleaners on the market, it might be difficult to choose the best one. In this post, Canvas Personalized will go through some of the best cat ear cleaners on the market and provide advice on how to clean your cat’s ears safely and effectively.

What are the Types of Cat Ear Cleaners?

When considering how they are used, cat ear cleaners may be divided into two main groups such as:

What Is The Best Ear Cleaner For Cats
What is the best ear cleaner for cats? (Image: The Spruce Pets)

Cat Ear Cleaning Solutions

A nozzle on one end of those containers contains the ear-cleaning solution. To use, just pour some of the liquid into the ear canal.

The conveniently pointed nozzle makes the application easy to do. Additionally, it may be used on a repeated regularly during the length of the day.

Cat Ear Cleaning Wipes

Ear wipes for cats are specially designed to clean wipes that have already been dipped in an effective solution. Disposable wipes eliminate dust and wax waste in one simple step.

Best Cat Ear Cleaners to Keep Your Feline’s Ears Healthy

1. Vetoquinol Ear Cleansing Solution

Best Cat Ear Cleaning Solution
Vetoquinol Ear Cleansing Solution

This is Whittenburg’s product of choice when it comes to a vet-recommended cat ear cleaner. Aloe vera, denatured alcohol, and lactic acid are the components of this washing solution’s gentle and irritant-free mix for your cat’s ears. If your cat’s ears appear dirty, you may apply this solution twice or thrice a day for a week. However, as always, consult your veterinarian before using.

Dr. Alleyne – a veterinarian who graduated from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2006, said: “This solution offers the ideal combination of chemicals, moisturizing, and drying agents to thoroughly cleanse the ear canal. However, alcohol might harm pets with severely irritated ears.”

2. Dechra EpiKlean Ear Cleanser

Best Product To Clean Cat Ears
Dechra EpiKlean Ear Cleanser

Does your cat scratch at its own smelly ears? Whittenburg describes this as a wonderful basic ear cleaner for cats and dogs. Fuzzy veterinarian Dr. Jessica Herman loves this ear cleaner because “it works better with bacterial infections.” It also has an acid formula, including acetic acid and boric acid, that assists in maintaining a healthy pH level in your pet’s ear canal.

If your cat doesn’t have an ear infection, you may use this cleaner to effectively clean, dry, and remove dirt from your cat’s ears. You may apply it anywhere from once a week to just before an ear treatment, but following your vet’s instructions is best.

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3. Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser for Cats

Vet-Recommended Cat Ear Cleaner
Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser for Cats

A regular Virbac cleaner can be used daily to keep cat ears clean. If your cat has wet ears that are filled with wax and debris, apply this advanced ear cleaner designed specifically for felines.

Cats with persistent cases of otitis externa (ear irritation) should try this as well. The cleanser is safe enough for everyday use to maintain healthy ears.

4. Great Pets Dog & Cat Ear Cleaner

The Best Ear Cleaner For Dogs And Cats
Great Pets Dog & Cat Ear Cleaner

Whittenburg calls this product “the ultimate cat ear cleaner” and implies that it’s appropriate for cats of any age or size who have particularly filthy ears. This cat ear cleaner solution works by flushing and drying the ear canal. It is specially created to remove dust, ear wax, debris, and odor from the ear canal, as well as to dry out the ear canal, acidify the ear canal, and calm any mild skin irritations.

5. Stratford Pharmaceuticals Ear Cleaning Solution

The Best Cat Ear Cleaner
Stratford Pharmaceuticals Ear Cleaning Solution

Whittenburg notes that the cleaner is “gentle to the delicate ear canal,” making it ideal for quick and easy ear cleaning while also having a pleasant odor. This non-irritating cleanser is made with veterinary-grade ingredients for optimum cleaning performance. The product has been recommended by renowned veterinarians in the United States and is effective in eliminating crust, scales, and smells from your cat’s ears.

6. TrizULTRA + Keto Flush

Cleaning My Cat'S Ears At Home
TrizULTRA + Keto Flush

If your cat often has ear infections, Whittenburg suggests trying this cat ear cleaner. Whether your cat suffers from frequent ear infections or this is the first time she’s experienced one, this all-purpose flush will do miracles for her ears. The formula is gentle, free of scent, and sting-free. This cleaner may be used on cats, dogs, and horses without risk to their health.

7. ZYMOX Enzymatic Ear Cleanser

The Best Ear Cleaning Kit
ZYMOX Enzymatic Ear Cleanser

Zymox Enzymatic Ear Cleanser is a product that Dr. Burch suggests using to treat and manage the symptoms of fungal and yeast infections that cats may be suffering from. The patented LP3 Enzyme System is designed to be gentle on the ears while effectively combating odor. In addition, the 0.5% Hydrocortisone component helps relieve scratchy ears in felines.

8. Ark Naturals Ears All Right Dog & Cat Gentle Cleaning Lotion

This is an excellent ear cleaning to include in your cat’s daily routine. Because it eliminates ear odor and ear wax accumulation, this cat ear cleaning solution is excellent for preventative care. It’s also good for healing bug bites and ear mites.

The recipe is all-natural and hence harmless to kittens. Similar to humans, most kittens react terribly to having liquid ear cleaners inserted into their ears. As a result, this lotion formulation might be an excellent starting point for adapting your cat to ear cleaners.

Best Way To Clean A Cat'S Ears
Ark Naturals Ears All Right Dog & Cat Gentle Cleaning Lotion

Applying the lotion in and around your kitten’s ears is as easy as dipping a tiny bit onto a cotton ball and wiping. As an added bonus, the hypoallergenic formula won’t bother anybody with sensitive skin. However, it has a strong smell, and you will experience it for a few days after offering it to your kitty.

9. Pet MD Advanced Dog & Cat Ear Cleaner Wipes

These cat ear cleaning wipes are effective in treating both yeast and bacterial infections. In addition to wiping away buildup, they are also effective in controlling odor.

The wipes don’t include any alcohol. Therefore, they won’t cause any irritation to cats and kittens. Therefore, it is highly recommended that cats learn to have their ears cleaned by using this specific wipe.

Best Cat Ear Wipes
Pet MD Advanced Dog & Cat Ear Cleaner Wipes

The wipes have a pleasant cucumber melon aroma, although the scent may be too strong for certain people’s and some cats’ tastes. If your cat has a negative reaction to the fragrance, applying these wipes may be challenging.

10. Dr. Gold’s Ear Therapy for Cats & Dogs

Best Ear Wash For Cats
Dr. Gold’s Ear Therapy for Cats & Dogs

Both cats and dogs may benefit from Dr. Gold’s Ear Therapy for Cats and Dogs. It won’t sting or irritate your cat’s ears since it doesn’t contain alcohol. Infections in the ear canal can cause an unpleasant smell. However, this helps clean and disinfect the ear canal. This cat ear cleaner does have a fragrance that is quite strong on its own, and it might happen that some pet owners will find it uncomfortable.

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Cat Ear Cleaners Buying Tips From a Veterinarian

Get in touch with your vet if you think your cat has a current ear infection so they can check its ears and give the appropriate treatment. Incorrect use of several products, as well as injury to the eardrum, may be harmful.

Moreover, not everything you see in your cat’s ears is wax. An ear infection might cause your cat’s extreme ear redness or discharge (which could be brown, black, yellow, white, or crimson). It’s better to get your cat checked out by a professional before giving it any over-the-counter medications.

Safe Way To Clean Cats Ears
Safe way to clean cats’ ears (Image: Pet Assure)

Think about your cat’s needs

You may find the best cat ear cleaners that are made specifically to treat yeast or fungal infections, while others are more suited to routine cleaning and grooming. It’s important to read the labels and talk to a veterinarian about your cat’s suited ear cleaning requirements since not all ear cleaners are produced the same.

Be careful with ingredients

Take care to avoid using a cat ear cleaner that contains any chemicals to which your pet is allergic. Some ear cleaners include essential oils or harsh chemicals that might be harmful to your cat.

Check that it is feline-friendly

Some cat ear cleaning products are designed specifically for dogs or people. Choose one that has been shown to be completely harmless to cats.

How Does Cat Ear Cleaner Work
How does cat ear cleaner work (Image: Homes Alive)

Use safely

Cotton balls wet in the cleaner should be used to gently wipe your cat’s ear canal at all times. It’s not a good idea to put the cleaner straight into your cat’s ears since it might hurt the eardrum. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or those provided by your vet when using a cat ear cleaner.

Only get ear cleaners from a reputable source

Cleansing products should only be ordered from a veterinarian or a reputable online store. Make sure the maker is reputable, and keep an eye out for copies meant to seem like authentic items.

Read customer reviews

Before making a purchase, it’s a good idea to read reviews, especially in-depth ones. Think about the reviews, both good and bad. Pick the best cat ear cleaners that have hundreds or even thousands of reviews to back up what they’re saying.

Should I Be Cleaning My Cat’s Ears?

Cats are solitary pets that like taking care of their own grooming and would rather not have their owners do it for them. But they can’t clean their ears, so should we make it a part of our routine to help them?

“Ear cleaning is not necessary for a healthy cat,” says Dr. Jamie Whittenburg of Senior Tail Waggers and the owner of Kingsgate Animal Hospital in Lubbock, Texas.

How To Clean A Cat’s Ears Video Guide

The ears of a healthy cat will have a pale pink color, be free of debris, and have a negligible amount of earwax.

If your cat, however, “has a discharge or a foul smell, your first step is to take them to their veterinarian,” as Whittenburg describes it. An ear infection or ear mites are possible causes of ‘dirty’ ears in cats. If a cat does not need its ears cleaned, cleaning them might cause irritation and infection.

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Being a good pet owner means keeping your cat’s ears clean and healthy. Choosing an ear cleaner might be challenging since so many are on the market. Don’t panic! Following the ideas and recommendations from Canvas Personalized in this article, you may discover the best cat ear cleaners and keep their ears healthy and infection-free.