Can Cockatiels Eat Apples? A Safe and Tasty Snack

Can Cockatiels Eat Apples
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Cockatiels’ regular diet in the wild consists of a wide variety of fruits, and they also like eating fruit when they are kept as pets. Your pet parrot needs about 20–25 percent of its diet to consist of fresh fruit because it is an excellent source of water, vitamins, and minerals. Well, what about apples? Can cockatiels eat apples? Discover with Canvas Personalized if apples are a healthy snack for your pet bird.

1. Possible Nutrition Benefits Of Apples

Apples are undoubtedly healthy food and provide us and our cockatiels with a nutritious snack.

Most fruits you may buy at a grocery shop or convenience store are enjoyed by cockatiels. Hence, if you have apples, you should give some to your pet bird. A hundred (100) gram serving of apple slices has, per HealthLine:

Protein0.3 grams
Carbs13.8 grams
Sugar10.4 grams
Fiber2.4 grams
Fat0.2 grams
Apple nutritional composition

Apples are mostly water, so giving your bird apple pieces will help it stay hydrated. More than that, apples are also rich in the following:

  • Vitamin C: Importance in boosting bird resistance. Vitamin C promotes healthy immune system development and helps maintain your bird in good shape.
  • Potassium: Helps the bird’s metabolism and water retention and prevents diseases like stroke and kidney stones.
  • Copper: Promotes healthy bone development and red blood cells production.
  • Manganese: Maintaining a bird’s bone health and beak while keeping its feathers in good condition.
Feed Apples Healthy For Cockatiel'S Diet
feeding apples to a cockatiel (Image: Nadine Greeff/Stocksy)

Hence, it’s safe to say that including apples in your feathered friend’s diet can help them avoid visits to the vet, just as it will help you.

2. Can Cockatiels Eat Apples? A Perfect Match or a Health Risk?

The correct response is “Yes,” cockatiels can consume apples. Safe for your cockatiel to eat, apples are a popular treat. Before giving it to them, you must be cautious about removing all the seeds and remember to serve them a small portion. Apples are beneficial for them in moderation, but providing them with an excessive number could lead to health complications.

Apples are one of the many healthy fruits that cockatiels enjoy. They’ll go crazy over even the smallest apple chunks, and it has a lot of health benefits, too.

Can Cockatiels Eat Red Apples?

Red apples are the most common, so they are safe and the birds’ first choice. Always thoroughly wash red apples, remove the seeds and stems, and feed apples to your birds. Cut it into tiny, thick slices to make it easier for your cockatiel to handle and eat. Most pet birds enjoy eating apples and will eat more if you cut them into small pieces.

Can Cockatiels Eat Green Apples?

Cockatiels might like to eat green apples as great occasional snacks. Some birds like green apples better than red ones because they’re crispier. Especially if you have baby cockatiels, you should choose soft and easy-to-chew apples. However, if you slice and dice the flesh into little cubes, your pet cockatiel shouldn’t have trouble eating it.

Feeding Apples To A Cockatiel
Green apples can help maintain a healthy digestive tract (Image: cockatielenthusiast)

Can Cockatiels Drink Apples Juice?

Cockatiels can safely have apple juice as part of a bird’s diet. Your birds probably have moods as people do, and sometimes they don’t feel like eating fruit for a while. So, to keep the same amount, you can juice a few slices of an apple and give it to your birds. Some pet birds might even like it better.

Can Cockatiels Eat Apple Skin?

Yes, cockatiels can eat the skin of an apple. Cockatiels, unlike most birds, prefer apple skin, and it doesn’t harm them as some other fruit and vegetable peels can. So, you can feel safe giving your birds apple pieces with skin on them.

Essential nutrients in the skin are just as useful as those in the flesh, which is still good for them. If you want to feed your birds apples, cut them into small pieces without taking off the skin and give them to the cockatiels.

Feeding Your Cockatiel Apples
Cockatiels can eat an apple peel (Image: Christine Gallary)

Unfortunately, apple peels may contain chemicals and germs harmful to birds. So you should exercise caution before giving them to your feathered friends.

Can Cockatiels Eat Apple Seeds?

This part of the apple is not suitable for your birds to eat. Before giving a bird an apple, you must remove all the seeds. Apple seeds have concentrated cyanide, a highly poisonous substance to people and birds. It doesn’t take long for the body to start feeling the effects of cyanide when a little bird like a cockatiel ingests it. Aside from apples, the seeds of many other fruits can also hurt birds. Hence, before you give your bird any treats, check them well.

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Apple seeds Are Toxic For Cockatiels (Image: STUDIO OMG / EYEEM VIA GETTY IMAGES)

3. How Can Cockatiels Eat Apples?

It’s essential to give them apples in the appropriate way. Take care to discard the seed pods. To remove any remaining pesticides or traces of salt, thoroughly wash the apple. Always remember the SSW rule.

The SSW rule entails the following:

  • S – Avoid the skin.
  • S – Avoid the seed.
  • W – Wash it thoroughly.

Don’t forget that it’s okay if your Cockatiels don’t eat. Sometimes, your Cockatiels might be cranky or have mood swings if they don’t get the right food. Give them some time and small amounts of food. Give them a sweet apple slice if your Cockatiels squeal when you feed them. They’ll be satisfied.

4. How Many Apples Are Safe For A Cockatiel? (How Often?)

One slice every two days is the recommended amount of fruit for a cockatiel of typical size. Feeding your bird an excessive number of apples is not ideal, as with any food. Apples have a lot of sugar, affecting the bird’s blood sugar levels.

How Can Cockatiels Eat Apples
Vitamin C is abundant in apples (Image: petkeen)

After removing the seeds, you should provide this to them as a snack option. When it comes to smaller birds, the quantity should be reduced, and you should only give it to them once a week.

Yet, not all cockatiels share a fondness for apples. If your cockatiel refuses to eat no matter how hard you try, you may want to try different fruits.

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Can cockatiels eat apples? Yes, apples are safe for them to eat. Apples, no doubt, are among the healthiest of all fruit options. So it’s OK to give it to your cockatiel. However, this plant’s seeds can poison your cockatiel, so you should be cautious. Lastly, ensure your bird gets a well-rounded diet, not just fruits and vegetables. Your pet’s health depends on how well they eat. Leave a comment if you found this post helpful, and thank you for visiting Canvas Personalized!