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Find out about the exciting world of the LaPerm cat breed, which has unique curls and an attractive personality. LaPerm cats are a must-know if you want unique-looking and charming-mannered feline friends. In this piece, we look at what makes LaPerms so charming, from the curly coats that make them stand out to the cute things about them that make them great pets. Whether you’re a cat lover or considering getting a cat, come with Canvas Personalized as we learn about the LaPerm breed’s interesting traits and cuteness.

1. The History Of LaPerm Cat Breed

Although the LaPerm cat breed‘s history is brief, it’s intriguing to learn how it came to be. A brown tabby barn cat named Speedy gave birth to six kittens in an Oregon cherry orchard in 1982, and one of them stood out from the rest due to its unusual appearance: it was entirely bald. And despite its little stature, its body was quite lengthy.

The kitten’s hair grew silky and wavy at around eight weeks. Curly wasn’t a surprise for a name. Curly had five tabby kittens after it grew up, and its owners learned what a sweet, calm cat it was. Even though they were born bald, those kittens got soft, curly fur a few months after birth.

The Laperm Cat Breed Origin
The LaPerm cat origin LaPerm mix cat (Image: Pets Australia)

Over the next 10 years, Curly’s owners, Linda, and Richard Koehl, didn’t keep track of his litters or stop him from having babies, so the number of curly-haired kittens grew quickly.

Linda took six of her cats with curly hair to a Cat Fanciers’ Association show in Portland, Oregon 1992. Because the cats’ coats looked like they had a constant wave, Linda entered them as LaPerm because they needed a breed name to get into the show. After the show, Linda started a program to track how LaPerm cats changed over time and get the attention of the world’s biggest cat clubs.

Today, the American Cat Fanciers Association, the Cat Fanciers’ Association, and the International Cat Association all accept the LaPerm cat breed.

2. LaPerm Cat Characteristics About Appearance

Curly coats are a distinguishing feature of LaPerm cats. These cats often have a mixture of gentle waves and bouncy curls reminiscent of the human perm haircut (thus the name). Most LaPerms have tight ringlets around the stomach, neck, ears, and loose waves everywhere else. Their unique coats come from a genetic trait in rex breeds, but the LaPerm is not linked to the Devon Rex or the Cornish Rex.

A mutant gene has resulted in a breed standard allowing short or long, mixed-texture coats in any color or pattern, including tortoiseshell, tabby, red, calico, and black LaPerm cats. The low-shedding and mat-resistant undercoat of the LaPerm cat makes it surprisingly easy to maintain its appearance.

The Laperm Cat Breed'S Appearance
The LaPerm Cat Breed’s Appearance (Image: mascotarios)

Prospective cat parents with allergies will be pleased to know that LaPerm cats don’t shed excessively at any given moment.

These fluffy kitties are typically between 8 and 10 pounds and are considered medium-sized. LaPerms are distinguishable by their elongated bodies, large ears, and bushy tails. Their bright, expressive eyes come in various colors and almond shapes. Physical maturity for a LaPerm kitten may be expected in roughly two to three years, with female cats growing at a somewhat slower rate.

3. The LaPerm Cat Personality

The sweet and friendly LaPerm is a house cat who loves attention from people. This cat type actively seeks out cuddle time, and when given the chance, they will purr loudly to show how happy they are. According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, these affectionate felines often nuzzle their heads against yours and reach out with their paws to stroke your face.

The Laperm Cat Personality
The LaPerm Cat’s Personality (Image: KatKin)

The lively LaPerm loves to play when they’re not trying to get your attention. The LaPerm cat breed is a smart pet with a sense of fun. Clownish in appearance, he is a master at using his paws to access restricted areas, steal what he wants, or tap you on the shoulder for attention. As long as they were properly socialized as LaPerm kittens, most cats are happy to see guests.

4. Living Needs

The LaPerm is a low-maintenance breed that adapts well to new situations. These curious cats are content as long as they are in the company of people who will love and care for them. They have toys to play with and somewhere to climb. Despite their high activity levels, they are very content to spend most of their time indoors. The LaPerm is an ideal apartment pet for its indoor nature and calm disposition.

5. How To Care

Shedding and Grooming

The LaPerm cat breed doesn’t shed much since they have little undercoats, and their curly hair prefers to lie flat against the body rather than fall to the floor. However, they are not hypoallergenic. Regular grooming can further minimize shedding. If it gets matted or tangled, which is quite unlikely even for long-haired LaPerms, gently detangle it with a slicker brush or comb.

Add waves and stimulate additional curls by misting your LaPerm’s coat with water from a spray bottle and gently scrunching the curls with your hands.

Dental and Ear Care

Maintaining good dental hygiene is crucial for your cat’s teeth and gums. While cleaning your LaPerm’s teeth every day is recommended, even doing so once a week can help.

Make it a habit to check your LaPerm’s ears regularly, and if you find any dirt or debris, gently wipe it out with a soft cotton towel. See a doctor immediately if your cat’s ears are unclean, red, inflamed, or have an unusual odor. Injuries and infections can manifest in such ways.

Laperm Cat Colors
How To Care For A LaPerm LaPerm cat orange (Image: Daily Paws)


LaPerms have higher activity requirements than other cat breeds since they are descended from extremely active farm cats. When you don’t have time for one-on-one play with your cat, keeping it occupied with cat toys such as crinkle balls, catnip mice, ribbon-wand “cat dancers,” or electronic cat toys will help keep it active and mentally stimulated. Your LaPerm will have a blast playing fetch because of the cat’s natural predilection for the pursuit.

6. Common Health Issues

Pet owners should not worry about their LaPerm cats contracting serious illnesses or diseases due to their breed. The average lifetime for this breed is 10–15 years.

However, the LaPerm is much like any other cat breed in that it may experience health issues later in life. If you want your LaPerm to enjoy a long, healthy life, discussing your concerns with your vet is important.

7. Do These Cats Get Along With Other Pets?

Yes, LaPerm cats are generally known for their friendly and sociable nature, which often extends to getting along well with other pets, including dogs and cats.

However, individual personalities can vary, so proper introductions and gradual acclimation are important for successful pet coexistence.

The Laperm Cat Breed
The LaPerm cat breed (Image: Pets4Homes)

8. How Much Does A LaPerm Cat Cost?

The price of a LaPerm cat can range from very low to very high based on several criteria, including the breeder’s reputation, the quality of the cat’s coat, and the location. The cost of a LaPerm kitten can range from $200 to $1,200 or more. Adopting from a shelter or rescue may cost less than $200. Remember regular upkeep costs like feeding, vet visits, and bathing.

Laperm Cat Orange
LaPerm cat colors – LaPerm cat price (Image: – Full of Cats)

9. Adopting or Buying A LaPerm

You probably won’t find a LaPerm or a LaPerm mix cat at a shelter or rescue because they are uncommon. It’s possible that there aren’t even any LaPerm breeders in your region. The chances of locating a breeder at a cat show increase in larger cities.

There is also the option of consulting breeder directories hosted by reputable organizations and cat-centric websites like The International Cat Association and the others we’ve included in the table below.

LaPerm Breeders – TICAVarious
Kloshe LaPermsOregon
Curly Cats Cattery Texas Texas
Kaperkats CatteryWashington
The LaPerm cat for sale in the US

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We’ve come to the end of exploring the LaPerm cat breed. It is abundantly evident that these fascinating felines provide something very special to the world of pet companionship. The LaPerm’s distinctive curls and charming personality make them a fascinating study whether you’re looking to add a new member to your feline family or are just curious about the wide variety of cat breeds.

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