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The traditional Siamese cat breed is well-known for its distinctive look and vivacious personality. According to The International Cat Association Breed standard for the Siamese, Lynx Point Siamese is not an actual breed but rather a pattern seen in the Siamese cat. Your home will surely benefit from having a Lynx Point since they are one of the most favored Siamese cat breeds.

Learn everything about the Lynx Points, including its characteristics and the surprising discovery that it is not, in reality, a breed of cat, according to the science on Canvas Personalized article below!

1. Lynx Point Cats Overview

OriginUnited States
WeightAbout 5 – 12 pounds
HeightUpto 14 inches
Average Lifespan8 to 15 years
Coat ColorMany colors and combinations for these mixed breeds. Apricot, blue point, blue cream, chocolate, tortie, caramel, cinnamon, cream, lilac, lilac-cream, red, seal, and seal-tortie.
Coat LengthShort-haired cat
Short, glossy, fine-textured, and close-lying
Eye ColorVivid blue eyes
PersonalityAmiable, affectionate, highly playful, gentle, loyal
Suitable forCat lovers with cat allergies, active cat parents, and those enjoying a chatty cat
Lynx Point Siamese Cat Profile
Lynx Point Siamese Cats - Breed Overview
Lynx Point Siamese Overview (Image Credit: Canva)

History Of Lynx Point Siamese

In the 1940s or 1950s, humans began artificially creating the Lynx Point Siamese cat breed. This mixed breed originated by mating a Seal Point Siamese with an American short-haired cat.

However, it was not well-known until the 1960s. Around this time, someone in London, England, brought wild Lynx Point cats to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).

The GCCF and the American Cat Fanciers’ Association (ACFA) quickly realized that this group was a subset of the Siamese cats.

The Lynx Point cats, Tabby Point cats, and Color Point cats are all common names for these cats, which might lead to naming issues. The terms are synonymous and used interchangeably. The selective name depends on where you are. A few of these titles are just ways of classifying the different Siamese coat colors and patterns.

What Does A Siamese Lynx Look Like?

Seal Point Siamese things to know

Blue eyes are common in Siamese cats. They are short-haired cats. The Lynx Point cat looks similar to a typical Siamese cat. The most noticeable distinction is in their personalities and outer layers. Only the paws, tail tips, face, and other extremities of a Lynx cat are colored. Their pattern stands out starkly against the rest of their body.

They’re of average height and weight, with muscular bodies but a slightly skinny appearance. They may range in size from 5 to about 12 pounds. Like many other cat breeds, males tend to be bigger than females. This tabby cat seems delicate at first glance due to its small, oval paws and slender build; nonetheless, it is a rather surprisingly athletic breed.

The Lynx Point Siamese cat may not have many distinguishing physical features but comes in various colors and patterns. They may be found in various colors, including apricot, blue, blue-cream, chocolate, tortie, caramel, cinnamon, cream, lilac, lilac-cream, red, seal, and seal-tortie.

It’s easy to spot a short-haired Tabby by the rings of color that run from their faces to its legs and even its tail. The rings will darken as the cat matures.

The Rarest Lynx Point Colorpoint Shorthair With Blue Eyes
The rarest Lynx Point colorpoint shorthair (Image Credit: Better with Cats)

Of all the various color and coat mixes, tortoiseshell is the rarest. A Tabby cat with such a pattern is very uncommon and hence quite valuable. Furthermore, these Lynx Point Siamese kittens are easily identifiable by the ‘M’ shape formed by their stripes on the forehead. And their ears will be highlighted in the same color as their stripes.

2. Siamese Lynx Point Personality

Lynx Point Siamese Cat Is Energetic, Outgoing, Friendly, And Highly Intelligent
Lynx Cat is energetic, outgoing, friendly, and intelligent (Image Credit: Canva)

Like other traditional Siamese cats, Lynx Point Siamese has to feature Siamese as energetic, outgoing, friendly, and intelligent. Siamese cats are known as some of the most passionate “Velcro cats” due to their extreme need to get physically close to and touch their favorite people. They’ll follow you around the home like a puppy to find out what’s happening today.

Siamese Tabby Mix is known to get along with other pets well, especially cats and dog breeds that welcome cats. Like most other Lynx colorpoint shorthair cats, the Seal Point Siamese is a chatty cat. If the cat is awake, it will probably make a lot of noise by yowling and meowing.

The Tabby cat is a bright breed, capable of learning awe-inspiring stunts. Use clicker training and other positive techniques of training, as well as plenty of tasty treats, to get the best results.

Affection Level High
Tendency to VocalizeHigh
Energy LevelsMedium
Exercise NeedsMedium
Amount of SheddingLow
Lynx Point Siamese Personality

3. Lynx Point Cat Care

Lynx Point Siamese Cats Grooming Care

The first reported Lynx Siamese has a short, smooth coat that is easy to take care of. Not a lot of hair sheds from the cat’s coat. Remove loose hair by brushing with a rubber curry brush, grooming mitt, or soft bristle brush once a week. These cats don’t need to be bathed often, but the occasional wash will help maintain the coat’s softness and make it look good.

Lynx Point Siamese Has A Short, Smooth Coat That Is Easy To Take Care Of
Lynx Point Siamese has a short, smooth coat that is easy to take care of (Image Credit: Canva)

Lynx Point Siamese Cats’ Nails and Ears Care

If you have a Lynx Point Tabby, you should trim its nails once a week and regularly check the inner ear for dust. If the ears seem dirty, use a pet ear cleaner and a cotton pad or gauze square to clean them (never insert a cotton swab-like object into a cat’s ear).

If your Lynx Point Siamese cat’s ears seem red, inflamed, or overly unclean, or if you see your cat shaking its head or scratching at its ears, you should take it to the vet for an examination to make sure it doesn’t have ear mites or an ear infection.

Giving Proper Care To The Lynx Point Siamese
Giving proper care to the Lynx Point Siamese ((Image Credit: My British Shorthair)

Siamese from Lynx Point cat is very energetic pets. Provide them with various perches, scratching posts, and climbing structures to ensure they receive adequate exercise. Set up many different scratching surfaces to prevent your Siamese Lynx from scratching up your carpet or couch.

Lynx Point Siamese Cats Exercise

Lynx Points - Do Not Make Your Feline Friend Low Maintenance Cat
Give toys that Lynx Point Siamese picks (Image Credit: The Discerning Cat)

There are three main types of scratching surfaces that Siamese cats prefer: vertical (such as posts or cat trees), horizontal (such as cardboard or sisal scratchers), and multi-directional (which allow the cat to scratch in both the horizontal and vertical planes).

Lynx Siamese is a playful cat breed that may be easily occupied for playtime. Experiment with a wide range of toys, from feather teasers and fishing pole toys to fuzzy mice, jingle balls, moving interactive toys, and puzzle toys where the cat must manipulate the object to extract a prize.

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Lynx Point Siamese Diet and Nutrition

High protein food

The Lynx Point Siamese size is small yet strong in the body. If allowed to run, climb, and play, cats of this breed may burn a lot of energy. Even though active cats are less prone to gain weight than their less active counterparts, monitoring your cat’s weight is essential to ensure it remains healthy and trimmed.

The Siamese Breed Is A Healthy Breed - Lynx Point Siamese
Making fresh food from all the dried and wet food (Image Credit: The Discerning Cat)

All cats will benefit from eating food rich in fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals; therefore, seeking such a product is worth it. Lynx Points may adapt to a variety of foods, including one that consists of dry kibble or a mix of wet and drinks food. A high protein range is essential when selecting your Lynx Point cat‘s diet.

Ask your doctor or reputable breeders

Remember that all cats may develop food allergies, so monitoring your cat closely and treating any negative symptoms immediately is essential. If you are uncertain about the appropriate Lynx Point Siamese weight, visit your veterinarian.

Pet Owners Should Visit The Vet Commonly
Visit the vet to find out what a true cat allergy (Image Credit: Ponbey)

Maintaining a healthy weight for your Lynx Point Tabby may reduce its risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. Avoid free feeding (leaving food out all day) and give your cat measured portions at set times (twice a day for mature cats). Ask your doctor or a reputable breeder for suggestions on what to feed your Tabby Points.

Lynx Point Siamese Common Health Problems

This breed of cat seldom has to worry about hereditary diseases. However, being a mix, they are susceptible to problems from both sides. Regular checkups with a vet might help you prevent future health issues.

Minor ConditionsSerious Conditions
Gum Disease Gum disease and other dental problems are common in older cats.Progressive Retinal Atrophy In this condition, gradual deterioration of the eye’s constituent parts ultimately results in total blindness.
Gastrointestinal Issues Some Lynx Points have the ability to deal with gastrointestinal and intestinal problems.Neoplastic Problems Cancer and tumors result from the excessive multiplication of cells that cause them.
Feline Asthma Toxic airborne particles are the culprit in feline asthma.
Lynx Point Siamese Health Issues

Lynx Cat Training

Your Lynx Point Siamese cat should learn new tricks and household chores with flexibility. As any cat owner or cat lover will tell you, kitties each have their own unique personalities. It shouldn’t be too tough when litter box training. They won’t be pressured into doing the such thing they’re not interested in.

These felines seem naturally curious, suggesting they would be easy to train to do tricks. But keep in mind that even a cat can be taught to play fetch, though it may not be enthusiastic about returning the object to you.

You could find a rare gem who is more cat than dog, but otherwise, things don’t seem promising. It’s better to let it do what cats love.

4. Are Tabby Point Siamese Good for Families?

The Lynx Point Siamese cat is an excellent member for most families since it is active without being aggressive. Like many other Siamese kittens, however, very young kids might not be a great decision if they don’t know how to treat animals.

If a kid is too harsh or doesn’t understand how to interact with a cat, the cat will avoid or ignore the child. This might sometimes result in a defensive claw or two, so ensuring everyone involved is on the same page is essential. Treating one another with respect is key.

Are Lynx Point Siamese Cats Aggressive?

Lynx Point Siamese Is The Relaxed Cat
These affectionate cats have a friendly personality (Image Credit: Cats & Friends)

Lynx Points don’t seem to be aggressive toward visitors. Compared to the typical Siamese, these great companions are far less tense. Yet they have a bit of an independent streak and a strong will.

While usually calm, this cat’s intelligence and alertness mean it may change its behavior in a heartbeat.

Are Tabby cats Outdoor?

Many Cats Have A Playful Spirit And Unique Appearance
Most cats are playful nature and have a healthy life (Image Credit: Better with Cats)

Lynx Points have an inquisitive nature. They’re so easily distracted that they may lose track of where they are and how they got there.

Some owners worry that this makes their pets too unpredictable to let outside alone. However, this is particularly true for indoor-only cats or those that have never been outside.

Thus, if you take a Lynx Point Siamese outside, you should definitely keep an eye on it.

Can Lynx Point Siamese be Left On Their Own?

These felines are quite curious and will come up to you to see what you’re doing around the home. You may be concerned about how well this cat will handle on its own if you’re often out of the house.

While Siamese cats have strong, independent spirits, they might suffer from anxiety. They should be OK for a while, so whether they have a daytime or nighttime appointment shouldn’t be an issue.

They Are Dog Like That Need Good Living Situations
These ideal companions are extremely social (Image Credit: Excited Cats)

But leaving your cat alone for more than eight hours a day might get you stressed. Having two cats is an excellent option if you work outside the house and are gone for long periods.

In conclusion, Siamese cats, in particular, are susceptible to anxiety when left alone for an extended time.

5. How Much is a Lynx Point Siamese Cat?

A lot of good things happen when people choose wild Lynx Point Siamese adoption rather than buying from a breeder. However, you may not find many beautiful cats at the local animal shelter. High demand means breeders might charge a hefty sum for this particular cat breed.

Lynx Point Siamese Price
Choose adoption rather than buying from a breeder (Image Credit: Pinterest)

The average price of a Lynx Point Siamese kitten is between $200 and $400. All breeders should be able to provide proof that their purebred cats are up to date on vaccinations and microchipped before they are given for adoption. This is standard procedure for every cat in adoption centers’ care. Thoughtfully give this beautiful cat a second chance by adopting it and giving it a loving home.

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Because they don’t shed nearly as much fun as other cats, they’re an excellent option for allergy sufferers. With less shedding, fewer allergens will be floating around in the air. These Lynx Point Siamese kittens are beautiful and will please Siamese owners.

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