Siamese Cat Breed: A Full Guide to Explore Its Charm

Siamese Cat Breed
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The Siamese cat breed was one of the earliest Asian felines to be recognized. In this post, Canvas Personalized will tell you everything you need to know about these elegant kittens, from their history and origins to their traits and behavior. If you’re curious about these adorable cats and want to see some pictures of them, read on!

Key Figures About Siamese Cat Breed Standards

Life span15–20 years
Other namesMeezer
WeightUp to 14 pounds
LengthUp to 24 inches
Coat LengthShort hair
PersonalityPlayful, intelligent, affectionate

1. The Fascinating Siamese Cat History

Siamese Cat Breed Origin
Siamese cat breed origin. (Image: Getty Images)

The first Siamese cats appeared in Thailand. The breed’s name was derived from the term “Siam,” which was Thailand’s previous name. Their particular beauty has made them popular in royal families for a long time. It was popularly believed that when a member of the royal family died, their soul would be reincarnated as a Siamese kitten.

In 1880, the King of Siam gave two pairs of Meezer cats to the English Consul General in Bangkok. And then, these felines became the talk of the town. More and more people wanted to bring one of these “Oriental” cats into their homes because of their exotic looks. In 1898, Wankee became the first Siamese feline to be recognized as a champion. Since then, the breed has expanded quickly.

The Blue Eyes Of A Siamese Kitten
The blue eyes of a Siamese. (Image: Getty Images)

In 1987, a group of Siamese breeders established the Traditional and Classic Cat International registry. They were concerned about how much the modern cat breed had changed in look and worried it could cause health problems. One of the organization’s goals was to “bring back and maintain the ‘Old Style’ look of each breed.”

Today, the Cat Fanciers Association registered the Siamese as one of the most common feline breeds. If you want an adorable pet with a playful temperament and a talent for conversation, a Siamese kitten is an excellent choice.

2. Unique Siamese Cat Breed Characteristics

The Siamese Cat Lifespan
The Siamese cat lifespan (Image: Getty Images)


The average Siamese cat breed lifespan is between 15 and 20 years. Some Meezer felines can live even longer.


The Siamese head resembles a long triangle, and it has long ears that rise up in the same direction. It has a long, straight nose, giving it an elegant appearance.


The Meezer kitten’s crystal-blue eyes are one of its most appealing characteristics. They are large and almond-shaped. Those eyes contrast beautifully with the Siamese coat color.


The Body Of A Siamese Feline
The body of a Siamese feline. (Image: Getty Images)

The body of a Siamese kitten is long and slim, which gives it a lithe and graceful appearance. It has a distinctive colorpoint coat pattern, with a darker head, ears, legs, and tail than the rest of its body. Unlike Balinese, the fur of a Meezer is short and lies close to the body. 


The Siamese is a medium-sized breed that has a sleek and elegant body. Males are usually larger and heavier than females, weighing between 4-6 kg and standing 29–31 cm tall. Meanwhile, female cats weigh around 2.5–4.5 kg and stand between 27-31 cm tall.

Types of Siamese

The Meezers are a natural breed, meaning their coat design came from a gene change. There are four types of Siamese cats: seal point, chocolate point, blue point, and lilac point. Each of these types is the same in terms of attitude; they come in four different colors.

Seal Point Siamese

A Seal Point Siamese
a seal point Siamese. (Image: Ivonne Wierink)

A Seal Point Siamese may have a pale fawn to cream-colored body with dark brown (seal brown) spots on their nose, ears, paws, and tail. The leather on their paw pads and noses is also dark brown.

Chocolate Point Siamese

Chocolate Point Siamese Cats
Chocolate point Siamese cats. (Image: The Discerning Cat)

A chocolate point Siamese kitten is distinguished by its ivory fur with spots of milk chocolate color on their nose, ears, paws, and tails. Their paw pads and nose leather are cinnamon-pink.

Blue Point Siamese

The Blue Point Siamese
The Blue Point Siamese. (Image: Ivonne Wierink)

These Siamese kiten sometimes have silvery-blue points instead of slate-grey ones, but they are always darker and bluer than Lilac Points, which have pinkish tones. Like a seal point’s coat, a blue point gets darker as the cat ages.

Lilac Point Siamese

Lilac Point Siamese Cats Are Rare
Lilac Point Siamese cats are rare. (Image: Ivonne Wierink)

Lilac Point is the palest of the pale. Their nose leather and paw pads have a light pink undertone, and they should have light cream or magnolia-colored coats that don’t turn white as they age.

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3. Captivating Siamese Cat Personalities

The temperament of a Meezer is described as warm, cuddly, extroverted, and social. It shouldn’t be surprising that these cats can be very talkative and want to be the center of attention.

This stunning breed is also among the smartest in the animal kingdom. The Siamese have a deep love for people. They are also very sensitive and are easily hurt by harsh words.

Kirsten Kranz, who runs Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue, says many Siamese are “velcro cats.” These kitties love their owners so much that they often stick close to them and follow them from room to room. Even though they sometimes require some personal space, to a Siamese kitten, “doing their own thing” typically means hanging out a few feet away rather than right on top of you. 

The Siamese Cat Breed'S Personality
The Siamese Cat Breed’s Personality. (Image: Getty Images)

4. How to Care for the Siamese 


You can give them wet food to supply fluids for kittens that may not drink enough water, while dry food can help maintain a cat’s teeth and gums. Give your Siamese easy access to clean water, and make sure it stays fresh.

Even though many cats naturally control how much they eat, some will overeat if they can get food whenever they want. If you notice your Siamese kitten gaining weight, you should serve two meals per day and take away any food that isn’t eaten.

As your pet ages, it may require a different diet. Talk to your vet about what kind of food is best for your companion. The best way to make sure they live to a healthy old age is to keep them from becoming overweight.

Nutrition For Siamese Kitten
Nutrition for Siamese Kitten. (Image: Ivonne Wierink)

Grooming and Nail Trimming

These cats don’t require much care due to their short, nonshedding coat. It would be best if you used a stainless steel comb to care for their fur once a week. Trimming the nails also cannot be ignored, usually every 10 to 14 days. However, feel free to brush your feline’s coat just for fun—after all, kitties enjoy being pampered.

Exercise and Training

Because the Siamese cat breed is brilliant and athletic, games that keep them moving and stimulate them can benefit them. Here are some suggestions:

How To Train A Siamese Kitten
How to train a Siamese kitten. (Image: Getty Images)

Ping-Pong Play

Your pet has a lot of fun batting around ping-pong balls. Try bouncing one off the floor, a wall, or a piece of furniture for them to follow. Bouncing a ping-pong ball around the bathtub can also be a lot of fun. But make sure there is nothing in or near the tub that your furbaby could hurt itself on if it falls into it.

Shadow Games

Turn off the lights and wiggle a string or cat toy in front of a flashlight next to a wall. Your Siamese kitten will try to catch the shadow your hand and string make.

Bubble Bursting

These agile cats may enjoy an active and delightful activity with catnip-scented bubbles. They’ll almost certainly want to pop the tasty bubbles with their mouths and paws. You can participate in the fun by blowing bubbles using a bubble wand.

5. Common Health Issues

Sick Siamese Cat
Sick Siamese cat. (Image: Getty Images)

The most common health issue for Meezer cats is eye problems. A few decades ago, it was normal for Siamese to have crossed eyes. The genetic flaw caused their brains to wire their eyes incorrectly. Most felines no longer have crossed eyes, but Siamese still does. This makes them less able to see in the dark than other kittens, making them more likely to be hit by cars if they are outside after dark.

The Siamese cat breed also has the following health problems:

  • Respiratory disease: Siamese cats with wedge-shaped heads are more likely to get asthma and airway disease.
  • Amyloidosis: a problem with the liver or kidneys that is caused by an abnormal protein that builds up in the organs of the body.
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: A congenital heart condition that can lead to heart failure
Blue And Lilac Point Siamese Cats
Blue and lilac point Siamese cats. (Image: Ivonne Wierink)

If a Siamese kitten only lives inside, it will live longer. This keeps them from getting sick from other animals or the environment and from injuries from fights and accidents. It would help if you gave your cat all the essential vaccinations, preventive doctor care, and regular checkups.

6. Are Siamese Kittens Good for Family Pets?

Yes! Siamese kitties are excellent family pets. They get along well with children and other pets because of their soft and pleasant personalities. However, Siamese kittens aren’t the best option if you’re looking for a quiet pet. They talk a lot and make a lot of noise.

7. Siamese Cats for Adoption and Purchasing

Siamese Cat Kittens For Sale
Siamese cat kittens for sale. (Image: Photo Images)

The average Siamese cat price ranges from $250 to $1,000, depending on the quality and location of the breeder. The most costly choice is to adopt from a breeder. Some reputable breeders may ask for $4000 for a healthy, show-quality Siamese kitten. However, this option can provide you with many important details about your pet’s genetics, parentage, and traits.

Now, the next thing on your mind is where to find a Siamese cat breeder. The answer is in the table below.

Excited CatsVarious locations in the US and Canada
Cataristocrat CatteryOhio, USA
Maha’s SiameseConnecticut, USA
Elena Siamese KittensVarious locations in the US
TICA Breeder ListingsVarious locations in the US and worldwide
The reputation of Siamese cat breeders in the USA

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If you are looking for an intelligent, loyal, and elegant kitten, look no further than the Siamese cat breed. This blue-eyed feline can bring joy and become an adorable companion in your life. Visit Canvas Personalized to discover more about other beautiful cat breeds and make cherished memories with your favorite pet.

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