How To Teach A Dog To Smile: Easy Tricks In 6 Steps

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When trained, dogs are capable of many activities, including the ability to smile. However, getting your dog to obey your commands and do what you want can be difficult. This Canvas Personalized article will review the steps and advise you on increasing your chances of success. Here is the proper way to teach a dog to smile! Read on right now!

1. A dog’s smile isn’t always a sign of happiness!

Understanding doggie body language is crucial for pulling off this trick. Dogs don’t smile when they’re happy like people do, so teaching your dog to smile is an awkward skill. When a dog bares its teeth, it might mean one of two things:

  • Giving you the “submissive smile.”
  • They’re growling at each other.

When anxious or seeking to diffuse a tense situation, dogs smile submissively. Your dog’s teeth will also be on display during a snarl, but this is not a behavior you should teach him just for show. Instead, tickling your dog’s whiskers as a cue for a happy expression would be best.

How To Teach Your Dog To Smile
Cuing Your Dog To Smile With A Whisker Tickle (Image: thelabradorsite)

2. How to Teach Your Dog to Smile

You will find two approaches to teaching dog to smile on the command below. You and your dog are unique, so try a few methods to find the best. Your dog and his adorable grin will soon become an internet sensation.

The Click to Smile Method

Step 1: Get everything ready

Using the clicker and goodies to make a dog smile is a helpful trick. When you want to reward your dog, click the clicker. Make sure to repeat that sequence at least ten to twenty times.

Step 2: Get him to “smile”

If you want to make him smile with teeth, you can do anything from rubbing his belly to tickling his whiskers to presenting his favorite toy.

Step 3: Recognize his smile

Just click the clicker whenever his mouth moves or his lips lifts, and reward him.

The Click To Train Dog To Smile Method
The Click To Teach Dog To Smile Method (Image: WikiHow)

Step 4: Name the action

Say “Say cheese” while you press the clicker to teach your dog that raising his lips in a smile is the desired action, and then give him a treat.

Step 5: Take out the clicker

Remove the clicker and rely only on “say cheese” to get a grin from your dog after he has learned the command. Give him a reward for his finest smile!

Step 6: Keep practicing

Daily practice of up to an hour is recommended, with occasional breaks for play and resets.

“Lend Your Hand” Method

Step 1: Make your dog feel at ease

It’s essential to get your dog into a relaxed mood. You should try this out after he’s played well and when he(or she) won’t be interrupted.

Step 2: Use your fingers

To make him smile, use your fingers to lift his lip slightly to expose his teeth.

Step 3: Teach him to “say cheese”

Say “Say cheese” to your dog and reward him for his good behavior.

Step 4: Repeat

You should keep doing this until your dog knows to lift his lips when you say “cheese.”

&Quot;Lend Your Hand&Quot; Method To Teach Dog To Smile
“Lend Your Hand” Method To Teach A Dog To Smile (Image: cirano83)

Step 5: Remove your hand

Let him “say cheese” without you pushing his mouth open. If he does, shower him with praise and treats.

Step 6: Stop giving rewards for a while

When he starts to grin on his own, you can set up the frequency of his treats to once every three or four. You can cut back on the treats once he’s consistently happy whenever you ask.

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3. Other Tips On How To Teach Your Dog To Smile You Should Notice

Before training

  • Remove any potential interruptions from the area where you want to teach dog to smile.
  • Ensure the safety and happiness of your dog at all times.

In the process of how to make a dog smile

  • You can also show them how to smile by doing it yourself while repeating the “say cheese“ command.
  • During training, switch up his(or her) body posture to prevent your dog from associating a single position with the execution of commands.
  • Switch up where you undertake training sessions when your dog shows signs of learning so it doesn’t associate obeying commands with a single place.
  • Don’t rely on treats alone to motivate your dog to obey. Find other ways to reward your dogs for helping prevent weight gain. Some rewards that your dog will enjoy just as much as a treat are extra playtime with their favorite toy, car rides, and walks.

When should you stop training?

Many professional dog trainers agree that a comfortable and peaceful puppy is the key to a successful training session. Consequently, the dog will be more responsive to your training. But how do you determine when to call it quits on the training? Because you want this to be a good experience for doggies, be mindful of the following:

  • Squinted eyes
Squinted Eyes Dog - Stop Teaching Dog To Smile
Squinted Eyes Dog – Stop Teaching Dog To Smile Sign

Dogs show tension in obvious ways, such as looking at you with squinted eyes. The puppy is getting ready to act aggressively because of its gazing behavior. If you see this happening while training, stop immediately. Only continue with the activity once the dog has settled down.

  • Closed mouth
Dog Tongue Flicks - Teach Dog To Smile
Stop Teaching Dog To Smile: Dog Tongue flicks (Image: familypupz)

When a dog tightly presses its lips together, you know it is nervous and anxious. A flick of the tongue is a common accompaniment to such a gesture. If you see this happening during training, you should immediately halt it.

  • Upright and forward-facing ears
Scared Dog Ears - How To Teach Your Dog To Smile
Scared dog ears (Image: dogpsychology101)

A dog’s ears that are up and forward are another indicator of aggression. And when the dog’s ears are absolutely flat against its skull, you know it’s scared. If you see any of these ear signs, it’s time to give your dog a rest from training how to make a dog smile.

  • Hunching over
Dog Hunch Over - How To Teach A Dog To Smile
Dog hunch over (Image:

When you’re nervous, you probably try to cover up as much of your body as possible. Dogs, when scared, also strive to shrink themselves in size. As a result, when dogs are confronted with a potentially dangerous situation, they often cringe. Their tail may even tuck between their legs occasionally.

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Learning how to make a dog smile is less popular than other skills. But it might be useful when it comes time to clean their teeth. Up to 80% of dogs over the age of three suffer from some canine dental disease. Many dog breeds look their best when they smile, which will win over the hearts of anyone who sees it. You can teach a dog to smile or do tricks with time and effort. Canvas Personalized wishes you much success training your dog to obey your commands. And hope you’ve enjoyed reading this manual. If it helped you, please think about sharing it on social media.

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