How To Teach A Dog To Play Dead On Command In 5 Easy Steps

How To Teach Dog To Play Dead On Command In 5 Easy Steps
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A dog’s new trick is to teach a dog to play dead, although it’s not as important as training your dog basic obedience cues. By the way, it’s still a fun game to impress and brag to friends and family about what a good boy your dog is. Check out these steps and tips from Canvas Personalized Blog and practice with your pup.

1. How To Play Dead Dog Trick

How To Teach A Dog To Play Dead On Command
How To Teach A Dog To Play Dead – Copyrighted Herepup

What You’ll Need

To teach a dog how to play dead, there are a few things you should stick to. Go over the list again, and then start working on practicing with your puppy.

  • A comfortable and less distracting space
  • Pet mat or soft blanket
  • High-value dog treats (Tasty treats or interesting toys) or clickers
  • A short training session scheduled: 15 to 20 minutes per day
  • Patience
  • Enthusiasm

How To Teach Dogs To Play Dead Quickly In 5 Easy Steps

The classic game is still one of the most impressive dog new tricks to entertain your guests with many laughs. Ensure teaching your dog knows how to come and learn the sitting position and other basic commands. Here is a detailed step list based on the American Kennel Club.

Step 1: Begin with the dog lying down position

Teach A Dog To Play Dead
How To Teach Your Puppy To Play The Dead

Ask your dog to lie down and pay attention to whether its belly hits the ground. Notice which side they’re leaning on and move the treat diagonally from your dog’s nose to their opposite shoulder. Only reward them until they rotate on their back or in your desired direction.

Repeat several times until you ask your dog to lie down perfectly, and reward their good movement with a verbal cue or cue word “Yes” or “Good job,” or use a clicker instead of giving a treat in your hand.

*Pro tip: When at ease, most dogs lean more on one hip than the other. So you can hold the treat in your hand and pass it over for the dog to roll on its back in the desired direction naturally because this movement will come in handy in the next step.

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Step 2: Keep practicing and add the verbal cue

Teach A Dog Play Dead
Use Verbal Cue or Visual Cue For The Trick – Copyrighted by How To Train Your Dog

When your dog understands a firm lying down cue with their comfortable side or rolling over onto their back, reward them and add a verbal cue, visual cue, or cue word (something like ‘play dead!’ or ‘bang!”).

Remember to reward your dog with clicker training or verbal praise when they’re in the correct position. Repeat without a treat to make your dog master roll over on their back.

Step 3: Repeat and use the hand signal

Adding a hand signal after your dog rolls over on their back is the perfect way to teach your dog this trick.

Teach A To Dog Play Dead
Keep Use Hand Signals For The Trick – Copyrighted by The Spruce Pets

Then, make your hand into a gun shape position and move diagonally over your dog’s shoulder while holding it in front of your dog’s nose.

Repeat to let your dog know what you want them to do when posing your hand like this. Remember to reward them every time they get into the proper down position.

Step 4: Combine both verbal cues and hand signals to play the dead dog trick

The goal is to teach your dog the commands of lying down, rolling over, and playing dead using verbal and hand cues.

Slowly introduce the verbal command “bang” and a gun-positioned hand signal to your dog. Only mark and reward their movement with a treat that will teach your dog this behavior is acceptable.

*Pro tip: You can use any verbal cue in the step so that they understand it gradually. Ensure your verbal cue and hand signal work well together to play dead dog trick.

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Step 5: Repeat to master the trick.

Repeat these steps multiple times a day for a couple of minutes, and then give them a short break. Remember, consistency is key to successfully teach your puppy to play the dead trick.

*Pro tip: If your dog quickly becomes accustomed to playing dead, make it more difficult by giving them a lie-down command for a more extended period, about 10-15 seconds, and only rewarding them when their back touches the ground.

2. Advanced Dog Training Tips To Play Dead Dog Trick

Advanced Methods To Play Dead Dog Trick
Advanced Dog Training Tips How To Play The Dead Trick – Copyrighted By The Bark

Start teaching your dog to play this fun trick will enhance the bond between you and your pup, but training your dog isn’t always easy. Beyond these basic steps, go through these advanced tips if your dog has some of the problems listed below:

The Dog Finds It Hard To Focus

Not all dogs have vital obedience and don’t pay attention when you start training to play dead dog trick. In this case, you should not smack them, yell at them, or try to force them to follow your command.

Take these steps slowly and determine what drives your pup to play. Try different types of treats until you find ones that your dog enjoys and will completely obey your command.

The Dog Is Unfamiliar With Displaying The Belly Exposed

Some dogs may feel extremely exposed when they lie on their sides or belly exposed when you teach dogs to play this fun trick. In this case, the pet parents should slow down the training session and build trust with their dog to ensure they feel comfortable and appreciated when lying on its back.

Hence, make a mental note to use this side to play dead if it favors one side.

Dog’s Getting Stressed or Confused

Dogs can quickly become distracted by the clamor of everyday life, so you should find a less distracting and quiet place to play dead dog trick. Lastly, make sure you have their favorite treat on hand.

3. Noticeable Things

Things To Keep In Mind To Play Dog Dead
Things To Keep In Mind To Play Dogs Dead – Copyrighted by Hypro Premium

You can teach your dog to play the trick with patience and love by following the essential dog training tips. Remember these things to ensure you and your dog feel comfortable and well-prepared before playing dead.

  • Check with your vet or dog trainer to see if it has health, behavior problems or any training questions.
  • Every dog is different and develops at a different pace. Never scold, force, or intimidate your dog when they don’t understand your command on the first try. So positive reinforcement is highly recommended.
  • Don’t play the dead tricks in a distracting environment, such as a dog park, where they will be easily distracted by other animals or people.
  • Always reward your dog with visual cue and have fun while training your puppy to play the dead dog tricks.

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Learning to teach a dog to play dead is one of the funniest tricks that your dog can be mastered with these simple steps above. This trick will enhance trust between you and your dog and allow friends and family to interact with your dog positively. Hence, by following us on Canvas Personalized Blog, you can learn more basic tricks to enrich your and your dog’s life.

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