230+ Famous Literary Dog Names for Poetry-Loving Pet Owners

230+ Famous Literary Dog Names For Poetry-Loving Pet Owners
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Do you have a literary bent and need help naming your dog? Stop right there! In this piece from Canvas Personalized, we explore the fascinating list of literary dog names based on our passion for books and our devotion, which led us to compile this list of inspiring names for our pets.

Get ready to delve into a collection of literary masterpieces that will make your dog the talk of the town, from Shakespeare and Steinbeck to Jane Austen and J.K. Rowling.

40+ Famous Literary Dog Names

Best Literary Dog Names Ideas To Choose
Best Literary Dog Names Ideas To Choose

These famous literary dog names have captured the hearts of readers and audiences worldwide. They represent loyalty, bravery, and companionship, making them popular choices for dog owners looking to give their furry friends a meaningful and recognizable name.

Argos – From “The Odyssey” by Homer

Asta – From The Thin Man

Bailey – From A Dog’s Purpose

Bandit – From the Little House on the Prairie series

Baxter – From the movie “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”

Bear – From A Dog’s Purpose

Big Red – From Big Red

Blanche – From King Lear

Blue – From The Sound and the Fury

Bodger – From The Incredible Journey

Boots – From Thy Servant A Dog

Buck – From “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London

Buck – From Call of the Wild

Clifford – From the “Clifford the Big Red Dog” series by Norman Bridwell

Cujo – From the novel “Cujo” by Stephen King

Eos – From Funeral Games

Fang – From Harry Potter

Fluffy – From Harry Potter

Gromit – From the “Wallace and Gromit” series by Nick Park

Hachiko – Based on the true story of a loyal dog in Japan, featured in books and movies like “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”

Harry – From Harry Potter

Hound – From the Sherlock Holmes novel by Arthur Conan Doyle

Kiche – From White Fang

Lassie – From the novel “Lassie Come-Home” by Eric Knight

Marley – From the novel “Marley & Me” by John Grogan

Nana – From the play “Peter Pan” by J.M. Barrie, where Nana is the Darling family’s loyal dog

Old Yeller – From Old Yeller

28. Perdita – From the novel “The Hundred and One Dalmatians” by Dodie Smith

Pilot – From Jane Eyre

Popper – From The Goldfinch

Randolph – From A Dog About Town

Renni – From Renni the Rescuer

Ribsy – From Ribsy

Ripper – From Harry Potter

Scamper – From The Secret Seven

Shiloh – From the novel “Shiloh” by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Snoopy – From the “Peanuts” comic strip by Charles M. Schulz

Spot – From the “Spot” series by Eric Hill

Timmy – From the “Famous Five” series by Enid Blyton, where Timmy is a brave and loyal dog

Toto – From “The Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum

White Fang – From White Fang

Winn-Dixie – From the novel “Because of Winn-Dixie” by Kate DiCamillo

30 Female Dog Names From Literature

Literary Names For Female Dog
Literary Names For Female Dog

These female dog names are inspired by strong, memorable, and beloved characters from literature. They add a touch of sophistication and literary charm to your furry friend’s name, making them a perfect choice for bookworms and literature enthusiasts.

Alice – From “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll

Arya – From “Game of Thrones”

Bella – From the “Twilight” series by Stephenie Meyer

Blanche – From “A Streetcar Named Desire”

Celia – From “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare

Charlotte/Charlie – From “Charlotte’s Web”

Clarissa – From “Mrs. Dalloway” by Virginia Woolf

Daisy – From “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Duchess – From “The Pie and the Patty Pan”

Elinor – From “Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen

Elizabeth – From “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen

Esmeralda – From “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” by Victor Hugo

Hermione – From the “Harry Potter” series by J.K. Rowling

Jane – From “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte

Jo – From “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott

Katniss – From “The Hunger Games” series by Suzanne Collins

Lily – From “The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd

Lizzie – From “Pride and Prejudice”

Lucy – From “The Chronicles of Narnia”

Luna – From “Harry Potter”

Matilda – From “Matilda” by Roald Dahl

Nancy – From “Nancy Drew”

Odette – From “Swann’s Way” by Marcel Proust

Perdita – From “The Hundred and One Dalmatians”

Portia – From “The Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare

Ramona – From “Ramona Quimby”

Rosalind – From “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare

Scarlett – From “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell

Scout – From “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

Winnie – From “Tuck Everlasting” by Natalie Babbitt

52 Literary Names For Male Dogs

Literary Dog Names For Male Dog
Literary Dog Names For Male Dog

These names are inspired by iconic male characters from literature and bring a sense of adventure, intelligence, and charm to your canine companion.

Ahab – From “Moby Dick”

Ajax – From “The Odyssey”

Albus – From “Harry Potter”

Asher – From “The Giver”

Atticus – From “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

Augie – From “The Adventures of Augie March”

Baggins – From “The Hobbit”

Behemoth – From “The Master and the Margarita”

Beowulf – From “Beowulf”

Bilbo – From “The Hobbit”

Binx – From “The Moviegoer”

Bond – From “Casino Royale”

Buck – From “Call of the Wild”

Crusoe – From “Robinson Crusoe”

Dorian – From “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde”

Draco – From “Harry Potter”

Finn – From “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

Frankie – From “The Man With the Golden Arm”

Frodo – From “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien

Gatsby – From “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ghost – From “Game of Thrones”

Gollum – From “The Hobbit”

Griffin – From “The Invisible Man”

Gulliver – From “Gulliver’s Travels”

Hagrid – From “Harry Potter”

Hamlet – From “Hamlet”

Heathcliff – From “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte

Holden – From “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger

Huckleberry – From “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain

Hyde – From “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

Inigo – From “The Princess Bride”

Jay – From “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Jeeves – From “My Man Jeeves”

Jekyll – From “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

Leopold – From “Ulysses”

Milo – From “Catch-22”

Moby – From “Moby Dick”

Mr. Fox – From “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”

Oberon – From “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Odysseus – From “The Odyssey”

Oliver – From “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens

Orlando – From “As You Like It”

Rhett – From “Gone With the Wind”

Robinson – From “Robinson Crusoe”

Romeo – From “Romeo & Juliet”

Santiago – From “The Old Man and the Sea”

Sawyer – From “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

Scrooge – From “A Christmas Carol”

Sherlock – From the Sherlock Holmes series by Arthur Conan Doyle

Simon – From “Lord of the Flies”

Smaug – From “The Hobbit”

Tiny Tim – From “A Christmas Carol”

19 Classic Dog Names From Literature Authors

Classic Dog Names From Literature
Classic Dog Names From Literature

These names not only honor the literary greats but also give your dog a sense of sophistication and charm. Let’s look at the list below to get inspired about literary dog names.

Alcott – Paying tribute to Louisa May Alcott, the author of the beloved novel “Little Women.”

Austen – Jane Austen, the beloved British author of classic novels.

Bronte – Inspired by the Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne, who wrote timeless novels.

Conrad – Inspired by Joseph Conrad, the Polish-British author of “Heart of Darkness” and “Lord Jim.”

Dickens – Paying homage to Charles Dickens, the legendary English writer.

Dostoevsky – Named after Fyodor Dostoevsky, the Russian novelist renowned for works like “Crime and Punishment” and “The Brothers Karamazov.”

Fitzgerald – Inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of “The Great Gatsby” and other classic works.

Hawthorne – Named after Nathaniel Hawthorne, the American author famous for his novel “The Scarlet Letter.”

Hemingway – Ernest Hemingway, the renowned American author.

Melville – Named after Herman Melville, the American author best known for his epic novel “Moby-Dick.”

Orwell – Paying tribute to George Orwell, the British author known for his dystopian novel “1984” and allegorical novella “Animal Farm.”

Poe – Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, the American writer known for his macabre and suspenseful tales, including “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

Shakespeare – A name that captures the essence of William Shakespeare, the greatest playwright in English literature.

Shelley – Paying homage to Mary Shelley, the English author of the gothic novel “Frankenstein.”

Steinbeck – Inspired by John Steinbeck, the American author famous for novels such as “The Grapes of Wrath” and “Of Mice and Men.”

Tolstoy – Paying tribute to Leo Tolstoy, the Russian author of “War and Peace” and “Anna Karenina.”

Twain – Named after Mark Twain, the celebrated American author of “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”

Wilde – Named after Oscar Wilde, the witty Irish playwright and author.

Woolf – Inspired by Virginia Woolf, the influential British writer known for her stream-of-consciousness style.

31 Literary Names For Dogs From Children’s Books

Classic Dog Names From Literature
Classic Dog Names From Literature

These classic dog names from literature children’s books not only bring a touch of nostalgia but also evoke a sense of adventure and wonder. They are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your furry friend’s name.

Alice – After Alice, the curious girl who falls into Wonderland in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

Amelia – From “Amelia Bedelia”

Bandit – From “Little House on the Prairie” series by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Bear – From “Little Bear”

Carl – From “Good Dog, Carl”

Charkie – From “Curious George” by H.A. Rey and Margret Rey

Charlotte – Inspired by Charlotte, the wise spider from E.B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web.”

Clifford – A nod to the big red dog in Norman Bridwell’s series, “Clifford the Big Red Dog.”

Eloise – Named after the spirited and imaginative girl from Kay Thompson’s “Eloise” series.

Ferdinand – After the gentle bull who prefers flowers to fighting in Munro Leaf’s “The Story of Ferdinand.”

Harold – From “Harold and the Purple Crayon”

Harry – After the beloved wizard protagonist of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series.

Madeline – A charming name taken from Ludwig Bemelmans’ series about the fearless Madeline.

Matilda – Named after the clever and book-loving protagonist of Roald Dahl’s “Matilda.”

Max – Inspired by Max from “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak.

Milo – After the imaginative boy who embarks on a journey in Norton Juster’s “The Phantom Tollbooth.”

Nana – From “Peter Pan” by J.M. Barrie

Oliver – Inspired by the courageous orphan in Charles Dickens’s “Oliver Twist.”

Paddington – Inspired by Paddington Bear, the polite and lovable character created by Michael Bond.

Peter – After Peter Rabbit, the mischievous character from Beatrix Potter’s stories.

Pippi – Named after Pippi Longstocking, the playful and unconventional character created by Astrid Lindgren.

Pongo and Perdita – From “The Hundred and One Dalmatians” by Dodie Smith

Ramona – A lively name taken from Beverly Cleary’s series about the mischievous Ramona Quimby.

Sally – From “The Cat in the Hat”

Shiloh – From “Shiloh” by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Snowy – From ” The Adventures of Tintin” by Hergé

Spot – Inspired by Spot, the curious puppy from Eric Hill’s “Spot” series.

Stuart – A nod to Stuart Little, the adventurous mouse from E.B. White’s book of the same name.

Toto – Inspired by Dorothy’s loyal companion in L. Frank Baum’s “The Wizard of Oz.”

Wilbur – Named after the kind-hearted pig in E.B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web.”

Winnie – After Winnie the Pooh, the lovable bear created by A.A. Milne.

24 Novel-Inspired Literary Dog Names for Bookworms

Literary Names For Dog
Literary Names For Dog – Copyrighted by K9 of Mine

These novel-inspired names are perfect for book lovers who want to celebrate their love for literature while giving their furry companions unique and meaningful names. Here’s a list of novel-inspired literary dog names that bookworms will appreciate:

Atticus – Inspired by Atticus Finch from Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Belle – Named after the intelligent and curious Belle from Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

Bilbo – Inspired by the adventurous Bilbo Baggins from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.”

Darcy – A nod to the iconic Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.”

Elizabeth – Inspired by the intelligent and independent Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.”

Frodo – After the brave hobbit who embarks on a journey in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.”

Gandalf – Inspired by the wise and powerful wizard from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.”

Gatsby – Inspired by the enigmatic Jay Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.”

Hazel – From “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green

Hermione – Named after the brilliant and resourceful Hermione Granger from J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series.

Holden – A nod to the introspective Holden Caulfield from J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye.”

Jane – A classic name inspired by the strong and independent Jane Eyre from Charlotte Brontë’s “Jane Eyre.”

Jo – A tribute to the spirited and ambitious Jo March from Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women.”

Katniss – From “The Hunger Games trilogy” by Suzanne Collins

Luna – Inspired by Luna Lovegood, the quirky and kind-hearted character from J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series.

Marianne – A tribute to the passionate and romantic Marianne Dashwood from Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility.”

Moby – From “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville

Ophelia – Inspired by the tragic character Ophelia from William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

Orwell – From “George Orwell”, author of 1984 and Animal Farm

Pip – Named after the ambitious protagonist Pip from Charles Dickens’s “Great Expectations.”

Rhett – Named after the charming and charismatic Rhett Butler from Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind.”

Scarlett – Inspired by the strong-willed Scarlett O’Hara from Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind.”

Scout – Named after the spirited protagonist Scout Finch from Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Scout – From “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

37 Fictional Dog Names From Literature

Dog Names From Literature And Mythology
Dog Names From Literature And Mythology – Copyrighted by Daily Paws

These fictional dog names from literature are perfect for dog owners who want to give their furry friends names inspired by well-known and beloved literary characters.

Argos – Odysseus’ faithful dog in Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey.”

Balto – The brave and determined sled dog in the story of the 1925 serum run to Nome, Alaska.

Baxter – The witty and charming dog from W. Bruce Cameron’s novel “A Dog’s Purpose.”

Buck – The strong and resilient sled dog from Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild.”

Buckaroo – The intelligent and spirited border collie from Michael Morpurgo’s novel “Born to Run.”

Cerberus – Greek mythology, featured in several works of literature)

Chet – The humorous and intuitive canine narrator in Spencer Quinn’s “Chet and Bernie” mystery series.

Chopper (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick)

Clifford – The lovable and gentle giant red dog from Norman Bridwell’s “Clifford the Big Red Dog” series.

Cujo – The terrifying and rabid Saint Bernard in Stephen King’s novel “Cujo.”

Fang – Hagrid’s loyal and protective boarhound in J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series.

Garm – The Book of the Dead by Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge)

Gaspode – Discworld series by Terry Pratchett)

George – Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck)
Ghost – Jon Snow’s albino direwolf in George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.

Gip – The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting

Gmork – The NeverEnding Story by Michael Ende

Goliath – David and Goliath from the Bible, referenced in literature

Grendel – Beowulf by Anonymous

Gromit – Wallace’s loyal and resourceful dog in the “Wallace and Gromit” series by Nick Park.

Hooch – The slobbery but lovable dog in the movie “Turner & Hooch.”

Krypto – Superman comics by DC Comics

Lady – Lady and the Tramp by Ward Greene

Lassie – The intelligent and heroic collie from Eric Knight’s novel “Lassie Come-Home.”

Little Ann – Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls

Marley – The mischievous and lovable Labrador Retriever from John Grogan’s memoir “Marley & Me.”

Nana – Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Old Dan – Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls

Old Yeller – The brave and devoted dog from Fred Gipson’s novel “Old Yeller.”

Pongo – The dalmatian father in Dodie Smith’s novel “The Hundred and One Dalmatians.”

Ribsy – The adventurous and loyal dog in Beverly Cleary’s “Henry Huggins” series.

Shiloh – The courageous and compassionate dog from Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s novel “Shiloh.”

Snoopy – The imaginative and witty beagle from Charles M. Schulz’s “Peanuts” comic strip.

Toto – The loyal and adventurous dog from L. Frank Baum’s “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

Tramp – Lady and the Tramp by Ward Greene

White Fang – White Fang by Jack London

Winn-Dixie – Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

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Finally, if you share a love of literature with your four-legged pal, consider giving him or her one of the unique literary dog names from Canvas Personalized‘s list above. Take your dog’s name on this literary journey and listen as it becomes a fascinating topic of discussion among other readers and dog lovers.

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