Tuxedo Cat Gifts: 22 Ideas to Celebrate Your Bicolor Beauty

Tuxedo Cat Gifts
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Searching for the ideal gift for a Tuxedo kitten enthusiast? There is no need to look any further! Our selection of Tuxedo cat gifts honors the attraction of these black-and-white feline companions. You’ll find everything you need to wow your loved one at Canvas Personalized, from unique canvas prints to adorable home decor. Read on to find out our top picks for your friend.

What Makes a Tuxedo Cat Special?

Tuxedo cats have a striking black-and-white bicolor pattern that resembles men’s formal dress. The Tuxedo pattern can be found in both mixed-breed and pure-breed felines. This cat breed can be any piebald black-and-white combination, but the most striking versions have a black body with a white chest and paws. A black area around the throat can even look like a bow tie.

Fluffy Tuxedo Cat
Fluffy Tuxedo cat. (Image: Getty Images Signature)

Their attractive looks have made Tuxedo cats a popular choice, but they are much more than that. They consistently impress with their endearing personality and adventurous temperament. All the benefits of a calm, low-maintenance feline, plus the loyalty and affection of a dog—that’s what you get when adopting a Tuxedo kitty. Let’s explore this breed’s fascinating world and find out the best Tuxedo cat merchandise for their fans.

Unique Tuxedo Cat Jewelry and Apparel

1. Tuxedo Earrings

If you want to give a person who likes tuxedo cats a cute and classy gift, you could give them Tuxedo earrings. This product is a pair of black and white earrings with the cute face of a tuxedo cat. The earrings are made of wood with a gleaming polish. They are also lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

Tuxedo Cat Merchandise For Feline Mom
Tuxedo cat earrings. (Image: Etsy)

Why We Love:

  • Easy to match with any outfit
  • Tiny accessory to change up your look
  • Durable materials

2. Tuxedo Cat Socks

When a simple white sock isn’t enough, you may choose these socks printed with adorable Tuxedo cats. These socks are one-size-fits-all and made of a cotton-spandex blend for proper stretch and comfort. These Tuxedo cat themed gifts are one of the sweetest ways to let the recipient know how much you love them.

Black Tuxedo Socks
Black tuxedo socks. (Image: Sock it on me)

Why We Love:

  • Creative gift for the groom to have a little bit of a cute cat on his wedding day
  • The pictures came out so lovely and clear

3. Retro Colors Tuxedo Cat Shirt

If your loved one is a fan of the black-and-white bicolor felines and retro style, this cat Tuxedo costume is for them. The shirt has five distinct base colors with a retro color blend image background, giving it a vintage vibe. The main focus of this item is the alert Tuxedo cat. It stands out to anyone who looks at it from a distance.

Tuxedo Cat Merchandise For Cat Lover
Retro colors tuxedo cat shirt. (Image: eBay)

Why We Love:

  • Machine washable
  • Perfect for Christmas gifts, friendship gifts, or birthday gifts
  • Range of sizes to make it easy to find the right size and fit

4. Tuxedo Cat Necklace

This is a beautiful piece of jewelry in the shape of a cute Tuxedo kitty that is made in silver. The necklace comes with a matched chain and a gift box. You could also ask the seller if the colors can be changed to fit your feline. A tuxedo cat-themed jewelry is a delicate way to show your loved one how much you care about them and their passion.

Tuxedo Cat Necklace
Tuxedo cat necklace. (Image: Etsy)

Why We Love:

  • A stylish accessory for any outfit or event
  • Well-crafted product

5. Tuxedo Cats Neck Tie

Nothing says “I love you” like a Tuxedo cat-themed necktie for the elegant feline dad in your life. This trendy item will add a touch of personality to any outfit, whether a formal suit or a casual shirt. The necktie features a playful Tuxedo kitten print on a duck egg blue background. It was made from 100% polyester and has a silky finish. This Tuxedo cat merchandise will absolutely impress and delight your recipient.

Tuxedo Cat-Themed Gifts Necktie
Tuxedo cat themed gifts necktie. (Image: Zazzle)

Why We Love:

  • Packaged in a luxury box
  • Impeccable craftsmanship
  • Perfect birthday gift for cat dad

6. Tuxedo Cat in the Flower Garden Mask

This non-medical face mask features a bicolor Tuxedo cat surrounded by bright flowers. The mask has two layers of 95% polyester/5% spandex fabric. It also has strong over-the-ear elastic straps and bead toggles that can tighten the fit. These Tuxedo cat gifts are the best for anyone who loves Tuxedo felines and wants to express that passion even when they can not show their face. 

Tuxedo Cat Novelty Items
Tuxedo cat novelty items. (Image: Chief T-Shirt)

Why We Love:

  • Available in 2 sizes for adults and children
  • Great graphic and clear print
  • The suitable present to protect our health

Practical Tuxedo Cat Decor 

7. Tuxedo Door Draft Stopper

This gift is a cute way to decorate your loved one’s home. It also helps them save energy when using the air conditioner by stopping air drafts at the bottom of doors. This product is 36 inches long and fits across most open drafty spaces. 

Besides blocking drafts, this door stopper can also be used to keep fumes or smells from moving across rooms in the user’s house. We are sure these Tuxedo cat gifts will make the receiver appreciate your care.

Tuxedo Cat Merchandise Door Draft Stopper
Tuxedo cat door draft stopper. (Image: Amazon)

Why We Love:

  • Practical housewarming gift
  • Safe for kids
  • Adorable design

8. Van Meow Garden flag

This is a two-sided flag with a colorful design of a tuxedo cat image. The artwork was inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night. This product is made of high-quality material that waves nicely in the wind. A Tuxedo cat-themed flag is a fun and unique way to welcome guests. It is also a charming and delightful gift that adds beauty and personality to the receiver’s yard. 

Tuxedo Cat Garden Flags
Tuxedo cat garden flags. (Image: eBay)

Why We Love:

  • Great welcomed gift for new homeowners
  • Each flag has a convenient sleeve at the top that allows for easy attaching to a pole
  • Original artwork from talented artist

9. Tuxedo Cats 2024 Wall Calendar

It is a 12-month calendar with adorable photographs of tuxedo cats in different moods and scenes. The calendar is made of high-quality paper that lays flat when hanging. Each month has a large grid where the receiver can jot down their important dates and events. This calendar is not only a great way to keep track of time but also a perfect Tuxedo cat merchandise to give your beloved.

Tuxedo Cat Calendar 2024
Tuxedo cat calendar 2024 (Image: Amazon)

What We Love:

  • Maintain concentration and inspiration throughout the year
  • 6 bonus months from July to December 2023

10. Snowman Figurine Holding a Tuxedo Cat

Do you have a friend who always makes you smile and give you hugs? If so, this gift is the perfect way to express your gratitude. This snowman is cuddling a lovable Tuxedo kitty and wears a crimson scarf. These products are made of resin, so they are durable and easy to clean.

Tuxedo Cat Gifts Figurine
Tuxedo cat gifts figurine. (Image: Amazon)

Why We Love:

  • A sweet and thoughtful present
  • Can displayed on the desk or memory shelf
  • Comes with a gift box if required
  • Great for Christmas or the winter season

11. Tuxedo Cat Eyeglass Holder

Do you have a Tuxedo cat lover in your life who always misplaces their glasses? If so, you might want to surprise them with this eyeglass holder.

This item is not just a regular holder. It is a holder in the shape of a Tuxedo kitten waiting for you to pick up your glasses. It has a black and white fur pattern, a cute face, and a fluffy tail. This product stands on a base that can hold your glasses securely and safely. These Tuxedo cat themed gifts are also great presents for Christmas, a birthday, or any occasion.

Tuxedo Cat-Themed Eyeglass Holder
Tuxedo Cat gifts eyeglass holder. (Image: Etsy)

Why We Love:

  • Easy to wipe with a damp cloth or dust with a soft brush
  • Made of eco-friendly treated wood
  • A fun and creative decoration 

12. Tuxedo Cat Wind Chime

For those loved ones with a great outdoor space, these cat gifts will bring beautiful music for a peaceful day. The sounds of this wind chime have been described as soft and musical by previous purchasers. On top, an attentive Tuxedo feline stands guard while smaller lovely kittens hang around below among the chimes. These Tuxedo cat gifts will excite any recipient because of their beauty and melody.

Tuxedo Cat Wind Chime
Tuxedo cat wind chime (Image: Amazon)

Why We Love:

  • Quality details
  • Easily clean with a damp cloth or a mild soap
  • Can personalize with the cat’s name or paw print

13. Tuxedo Cats Ceramic Mug

These cute Tuxedo cat gifts are completely what your friend needs to kickstart their day. It’s an 11-ounce mug made entirely of ceramic. This product features a high-quality image of a Tuxedo cat with green eyes that peeks out from both sides.

Tuxedo Cat Mug
Tuxedo cat mug. (Image: Walmart)

Why We Love:

  • The high-gloss finish will keep it looking new even after many days of use
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Perfect gift for a workaholic

14. Tuxedo Felines Cup Cozy

Does a person you care about always want to talk about Tuxedo cats? If so, this cute feline cup cozy is a great way to start a chat. This drink sleeve fits most 12-ounce to 16-ounce cans. These products are great for keeping cups cold and your hands from getting wet when holding a drink at a party. We are sure these Tuxedo cat gifts will excite any receiver.

Tuxedo Cat-Themed Gifts Can Cozy
Tuxedo cat gifts cup cozy. (Image: Etsy)

Why We Love:

  • Perfect Tuxedo cat Easter gift
  • Can be washed by hand or by machines
  • Easy to use

15. Tuxedo Cat Canvas Print

With this present, you can let your bicolor cat-owning friend know that you appreciate the special bond the two of them share. These gifts are made of canvas and can be hung safely indoors or outdoors. It features a Tuxedo feline photo and a sweet poem about the special relationship between a pet and its owner. This Tuxedo art print is big enough to make a statement but small enough to fit in a lot of different places.

Custom Tuxedo Cat Canvas Print
Custom Tuxedo Cat canvas print. (Image: Canvas Personalized)

Why We Love:

16. Tuxedo Cat Wine Bottle Holder

Do you need to go to a housewarming? Bringing this Tuxedo Cat wine bottle holder in addition to your wine bottle is a great idea. This present is making a distinctive item for the top of a bar or kitchen island. This is a fun and practical present while giving a nod to your appreciation of bicolor cats.

Tuxedo Cat-Themed Gifts For Housewarming
Tuxedo cat themed gifts for housewarming. (Image: eBay)

Why We Love:

  • There is a felt base to protect the tabletop
  • Perfect gift for wine lovers

17. Tuxedo Cat Tumbler

Is your loved one always on the go? Then what they need is a cup that can be easy to carry. This insulated travel mug is decorated with Tuxedo cats and paw prints. It can hold up to 16 ounces of their favorite beverage.

Some travel cups sweat when filled with hot or cold drinks, but this tumbler is double-walled to keep your hands and table tops dry. The printed kitten is appealing and made of good quality, adding a personal touch to this essential present. This is one of the best Tuxedo cat themed gifts for feline lovers who enjoy traveling.

Black Cat Tumbler Ideas
Black cat tumbler ideas. (Image: Hallmark)

Why We Love:

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Printed with eco-friendly plant-based inks
  • Keeps coffee hot for well over 5 hours of work

18. Tuxedo Kitten Hand Towel

This cat-themed hand towel features a fur design in black and white, a lovely face, and a fluffy tail. It appears to be a Tuxedo kitty ready to assist you in drying your hands. In addition to your hands and face, you can also use it to wipe your dishes clean. This is one of the cute Tuxedo cat gifts, and the receiver will appreciate your thoughtful and creative gesture.

Tuxedo Cat Gifts Hand Towel
Tuxedo cat gifts hand towel. (Image: Amazon)

Why We Love:

  • Made from soft cotton velour
  • Adorable home accessories

19. Tuxedo Cat Ornament

This ornament depicts a black and white Tuxedo cat with a characteristic coat pattern. Depending on the design, it is made of resin, wood, felt, or glass. These items come with a hook or string to put on your Christmas tree, wall, or window. This Tuxedo cat christmas ornament looks like a kitty was ready to celebrate the holidays with you and your family.

Tuxedo Cat Christmas Ornament
Tuxedo cat christmas ornament. (Image: Etsy)

Why We Love:

  • Handcrafted product
  • Gift box included
  • A fantastic artwork with quality details

Funny Tuxedo Cat Gifts for Entertainment

20. Tuxedo Cat Notebook

If you are searching for a present that is both useful and adorable, consider the Tuxedo cat-themed notebook. This item has a bright cover with a Tuxedo kitty with golden green eyes. The notebook features 120 lined pages, ideal for taking notes, keeping a diary, or jotting down ideas. This product is also lightweight, allowing you to take it anywhere with you. This Tuxedo cat merchandise is definitely a thoughtful and inspiring present for any Tuxedo kitten fan.

Tuxedo Cat-Themed Gifts Notebook
Tuxedo cat themed gifts notebook. (Image: Redbuble)

Why We Love:

  • A practical and creative item
  • Light gray lines that are easy to write
  • Paper can be used with a variety of pens or pencils

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21. Tuxedo Cat Plush

These stuffed kitty toys would be the perfect present for a kid who likes bicolor cats. This plush cat is very soft and can be posed in different ways. The paws are strong and have small beads inside, making them easy to hold. These Tuxedo cat gifts will definitely be cuddled for hours by sweet kitty lovers.

Tuxedo Cat Stuffed Toy
Tuxedo cat stuffed toy. (Image: Amazon)

Why We Love:

  • Soft fur and cuddly plush body
  • Surface-washable for easy cleanup
  • Suitable for ages 1 and up

22. The Interactive Tuxedo Toy

There are numerous reasons why a deserving person may be unable to adopt a real Tuxedo cat. This interactive Tuxedo toy will be the best thing for those who don’t have a feline companion.

This kitty purrs in a way that sounds and feels real. It also moves its head, mouth, eyes, and paws, and it has special sensors that let it respond to people’s touch and movement. These Tuxedo cat gifts are an excellent choice for elderly people who love pets but may be unable to care for a real one.

Tuxedo Cat Lovers Gifts To Interact
Tuxedo cat lovers gifts to interact. (Image: Amazon)

Why We Love:

  • Does not require any feeding, grooming, or litter box but is still adorable as a kitty
  • Soft and brushable fur
  • Reduce stress, loneliness, and boredom and improve mood

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We hope that the collection from Canvas Personalized has helped you in finding the ideal present for your kitty lover. They say that the best things in life are free, but a thoughtful gift is priceless. To make your Tuxedo cat gifts more special, be sure to include colorful wrapping paper and a card full of love words.