41 Amazing and Funny Cat Gifts That You Won’t Believe Exist

Funny Cat Gifts
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Are you shopping for your pal who is obsessed with cute kitties and loves all things wacky? Are you finding something to make your feline-loving family members giggle? You’re in the right place. This post will show you some of the most original and funny cat gifts. You’ll also get advice on what kinds of hilarious cat presents work best for certain people. Let’s dive into the world of humorous presents for kittens and see what Canvas Personalized has to recommend.

Our Top Picks

Don’t have time to look at all of these choices? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best funny cat gifts we highly suggest.

Best Funny Cat Gifts
Top 9 funny cat gifts we highly recommend. (Image: Getty Images)

The Collection of Funny Cat Presents to Make Anyone Is Day

1. Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Cat Butt Tissue Dispenser
Cat butt tissue dispenser. (Image: Amazon)

The humorous aspect of this product is that it looks like a cat’s back end. All we have to do is push the tissue through the cat’s butt to retrieve it. It’s built from long-lasting resin and can accommodate the most common square tissue boxes.

These funny cat gifts are ideal for the bathroom but also suitable for the bedroom, living room, and workplace. This tissue holder is not only for cat parents but even for some naughty kittens who love to play with paper. They can bite, tear, and treat this paper box as their toy.

2. Funny cat saying socks

Funny Cat Gifts For Christmas.
Funny cat gifts for adults (Image: Amazon)

Do you have a friend who would rather stay in bed and hug their cat all day? Do you want to give them something to make them laugh and warm their feet? Those who answered yes should seriously consider receiving the “I can’t get up right now. The cat is on my lap” socks, perfect for funny cat gifts for adults.

These comfy cotton socks are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Each foot is printed with a humorous phrase so the message is visible when the wearer puts their feet up. These gifts are suitable for days when we don’t want to do anything.

3. Cat tongue brush

Licki Cat Brush
Licki cat brush. (Image: Amazon)

These weird cat gifts let you groom your cat by licking them with a silicone tongue-shaped brush. The cat tongue brush is designed to mimic the natural grooming behavior of cats, and it is an excellent tool for strengthening the link between a pet person with their furry friend.

This unique brush is simple to use, safe, and clean. We can easily put it in our mouths, hold the cat gently, and start licking. The furball will enjoy the sensation of being groomed by their owner, and the cat parent will have fun seeing their reactions. Let’s get ready to lick your kitten like never before! 

4. Puking kitty gravy boat

Puking Cat Gravy Boat
Puking cat gravy boat. (Image: Nerdist)

This sauce boat is made of clay and looks like a cat that pukes gravy or any other sauce you want. It can be used for basically anything: milk, gravy, warming sauces, salad dressings, and so on. 

The puking kitty gravy boat is easy to clean, microwave, and dishwasher safe. It has various colors such as black, white, gray, and purple. These funny cat gifts are ideal for any occasion, whether Christmas, a birthday, a wedding, or a housewarming. Give it to your mate, and get ready to puke some love!

5. Cat butt magnets

Cat Butt Fridge Magnet
Cat butt fridge magnet. (Image: Amazon)

These products are made of high-quality plastic and have a strong magnet on the back. They can stick to any metal surface, such as a refrigerator, office, whiteboard, or calendar. The receiver can hang them up anywhere they want to add some kitty theme for their house. Get these hilarious fat cat butt magnets for yourself or as a gift for someone special to brighten your day.

6. “Made from scratch” oven mitts

Funny Cat Oven Gloves
Funny cat presents oven gloves. (Image: Amazon)

These oven mitts are one of the best funny cat presents you can find. They are made of high-quality cotton and have a quilted lining for more comfort and safety. This product can be used to get hot pots, pans, and plates from the oven or microwave.

They also have a fun cat pattern or message that will make the recipient smile whenever they use them. Some funny phrases even like “Made from scratch” or “Time to make the biscuits.” This useful and novelty gift will definitely light up any kitchen.

7. Cat crochet drink coaster

Crochet Cat Butt Coaster
Crochet cat butt coaster. (Image: Etsy)

Kitties can bring so much happiness and humor into your life, but did you know there’s another way to take joy in their fluffy and lovely butts? Here’s a collection of crochet coasters in the shape of a cat’s rear end.

These presents are handmade with soft, durable yarn and have a funny pattern of a kitten’s butt. What a great way to start the day by finding a warm place and seeing a kitty’s behind to rest your coffee mug on.

8. Catanic cats shower curtain

Catanic Cats Shower Curtain
Catanic cats shower curtain. (Image: Amazon)

These cat gag gifts have a funny and creative design of cats on the ocean dressed up as characters from the Titanic movie. You can see the cats wearing costumes and posing as the most famous couple from the film, Jack and Rose. 

This shower curtain is manufactured from premium polyester fabric that has been coated to make it waterproof and last for a long time. It includes 12 hooks and metal grommets. Because of that, it is simple to set up and clean. These are definitely funny cat presents that make anyone entering the bathroom say wow.

9. “I Work Hard So That My Cat Can Have a Better Life” mug

Funny Cat Coffee Mugs
Funny cat coffee mugs. (Image: Amazon)

Do you have a friend who is a feline enthusiast, and you know how hard they work to provide their beloved pet with the best life possible? So, give them this fun and cute mug that says, “I Work Hard So My Cat Can Have a Better Life.” This product may be put in the microwave and dishwasher without worrying about damaging the print. These presents will be the motivation to start a productive day for any cat parent.

10. Cat paw feet socks

Socks That Look Like Cat Paws
Socks that look like cat paws. (Image: Etsy)

If you are looking for funny cat gifts for girlfriend, you can’t go wrong with these cute and cozy socks. Give your cutie-pie a pair of these socks to make her feel lovely and sexy at the same time. Because of their cotton mix material, these socks will keep her feet warm and comfortable. You may find them in a rainbow of hues and styles, all with the signature feline paw prints on the toes and heels.

The receiver may wear them around the house, in the office, or wherever she wants to add cat-titude to her outfit. These cat gag gifts are suitable for someone who not only likes adorable kittens but loves them and their sweet little toe beans too.

 ​​11. Cat memes moody cards

Funny Cat Meme
Funny cat meme cards. (Image: Amazon)

A fun and creative way to show how we’re feeling at work, these weird cat gifts are a hit with everyone. These cards have 25 funny cat pictures with clever captions that fit different settings and moods, so your friend can always find one that suits them.

Your snarky cat-loving co-worker can use them to welcome their customers in a novelty way. Today, let the kitties do the talking!

12. Funny Cat Gifts for Her – Matching Tshirt

Funny Cat Gifts Shirt
Funny cat gifts for her. (Image: wafoor.com)

If you know someone who has a special bond with their “best friend fur-ever,” why not make them surprise with one of the funny gifts for cat lovers: a kitty-and-owner matching shirt? The cotton construction makes it soft, breathable, and long-lasting. It is simple to clean and dry so that we can reuse it repeatedly. This T-shirt is great for pet owners who want to express their style with their cute mouser.

13. Funny Cat Gifts for Him – Wine Bottle Stopper

Cat Wine Bottle Stopper
Funny cat gifts for him bottle stopper. (Image: Amazon)

This quirky accessory is designed to preserve your wine while adding a lovely feline to your bottle. The cat’s head on the silicone stopper makes it appear like the cat is peering into the bottle. This cheeky stopper would look great atop a bottle of red wine if you were planning on bringing funny cat gifts for a Christmas party hosted by someone who adores kittens.

14. Yoga cat garden statue

Yoga Cat Garden Statue
Yoga cat stone garden statue. (Image: Outdoor art Pros)

These funny cat presents are a carved figure of a feline in a meditation stance that is both adorable and calming, and it is sure to bring peace to any garden. Talented artisans make this statue out of high-quality materials so that it can stay outside all year long.

This statue is great for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature. We can put it among the flowers, plants, or rocks in our yard. It can also remind us to practice mindfulness and gratitude daily.

15. Cat butt coloring book

Cat Coloring Book For Adults
Cat coloring book for adults. (Image: Amazon)

Laugh your butts off as you color this amusing coloring book with adorable kittens displaying their butts. The book has 30 pages filled with different kitty butts for you to color, ranging from smooth to furry, sweet to cheeky. This book is excellent, even without the coloring, and is a hilarious and naughty way to relax and unleash our creativity.

16. Cat over-the-door hanger

Canvas Personalized Beautiful You Fly Wall Art Decor
Funny cat-themed gifts hanger. (Image: Amazon)

This hanger is an excellent option if you’re shopping for a present that will make the recipient happy and organized. These cat gag gifts are a practical present to hang coats, bags, hats, scarves, and more. 

The hook’s feline-shaped form and durable metal construction make it suitable for use on any standard door. A kitty-shaped over-the-door hanger to keep our garments off the floor, where there probably be a layer of cat fur.

17. Exploding Kittens card game 

The Funny Cat Gifts Ideas For Bonding.
The funny cat gifts ideas for bonding. (Image: Exploding Kittens)

Look no further than Exploding Kittens card game if you want to give a present that will make the recipient laugh, scream, and possibly explode. This hilarious card game mixes strategy, luck, and jokes about cats.

You and your fellow players draw cards from a deck to avoid the feared “exploding kitten.” If you draw one, you’re out of the game unless you have a “defuse” card or some other way to get back in. These are attractive cat gag gifts for bonding with real people when our fluffy friends are bored of us.

18. Toilet wall decal featuring a cat

Funny Cat Face Wall Decal.
Funny cat face wall decal. (Image: Amazon)

A sticker that will surprise (and possibly frighten) your guests. If you know a cat companion who would appreciate some feline naughtiness in their bathroom, this wall decal will make a meowtatics present. This PVC sticker can be applied to and removed from any smooth surface, including the bathroom stall door or toilet lid.

19. Cat holder sweatshirt

Cat Hoodie With Pouch.
Cat hoodie with pouch. (Image: Amazon)

Do you like your kitty so much that you want to take it everywhere? Do you wish you could cuddle with your furball without using your hands? If so, this hoodie might be for you.

This is a unique sweatshirt with a large pocket in the front, where you can put your cat inside and carry it around like a kangaroo. Whether your furbaby is small or large, these cat gag gifts will fit both of you. We are sure that these funny cat gifts will make anyone say wow because of their uniqueness.

20. “Go away (unless you have wine and catnip)” welcome mat

Canvas Personalized Beautiful You Fly Wall Art Decor
“Go away” doormat cat. (Image: Pawfect House)

Any home decorator who enjoys making a point with their furnishings will appreciate receiving a cat welcome mat as a witty present. The carpet has the words “Go away (unless you have wine and catnip)” in bold characters to send a funny message to visitors who bring bribes or don’t allow to enter the house. It also features charming and humorous cartoon images of grumpy cats.

We can put this high-quality and long-lasting mat at our home, apartment, or workplace entrance. Whether the receiver is cat people, privacy lovers, or just hilarious people, this is the purr-fect present.

21. Funny kittens fanny pack

Cat-Printed Fanny Pack.
Cat-printed fanny pack. (Image: Amazon)

One of the funny cat gifts you can consider is a cat-printed fanny pack. This is a functional accessory in place of your bulky purse. We can carry a lot of stuff like phones, keys, wallets, and munchies in this bag.

It is decorated with a vibrant design that features a variety of adorable kitties making silly faces and holding musical instruments. There is a wide variety of styles, sizes, and materials to pick from, so you can find the perfect gift no matter who will be receiving it.

22. Cat tea infuser set

Cat Tea Infuser Set For Loose-Leaf Tea.
Cat tea infuser set for loose-leaf tea. (Image: Point Loma Tea)

If you have a friend who is a cat person and needs three cups of tea to work effectively, this might be for you: a kitten tea infuser set. This product includes a kitty-shaped tea infuser and a drip tray. The tea infuser is a device that holds loose tea leaves and lets them soak in hot water. The drip tray is a plate that the infuser drips onto after use.

This set not only has a cute design but is also very useful. They are funny cat gifts that will surely put a grin on your pal’s face.

23. Funny side up cat egg mold

Funny Side Up Silicone Egg Mold
Funny side-up silicone egg mold. (Image: Amazon)

One of the funny cat gifts that you can consider is this side-up cat egg mold. This device can turn your ordinary eggs into cute and funny cat faces. It’s made of silicone, which is convenient for cleaning and storing.

We just need to place the mold on a frying pan, crack an egg into it, and watch the egg transform into a feline face. We can also add some bacon or cheese to make whiskers or ears. Any cat fan would be delighted because of a cute breakfast like this. 

24. “How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You” book

Funny Cat Gifts Ideas Book.
Funny cat gifts ideas book. (Image: eBay)

It’s not a sign of love if your fluffy knead you. It’s also not present if your pet delivers you a dead animal. It’s meant as a caution. Anyone who is keen to know if they have angered their feline masters will find “How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You” an amusing read. This book contains comics, quizzes, and information that will make anyone rethink their relationship with their furry buddy. 

25. Rabbit kitty hat

Bunny Ears Cat Headband.
Bunny ears cat headband. (Image: Amazon)

If you want to present a friend who plans on attending Halloween funny cat gifts, check out these kitty bunny hats. Each ear flapper is crafted from a safe-for-animals material and is designed to fit snugly over any feline’s ears. They are practical and long-lasting, evoking the cuteness of traditional Japanese kawaii style. You can give this hat as a gift or buy one for yourself as a gag, and then have fun shooting pictures of your fluffy pet with its new headgear on.

26. Cute cat sticky notes

Cat-Themed Sticky Note.
Cat-themed sticky note. (Image: Amazon)

One of the funny cat gifts but still practical is the feline sticky notes. These are kitty-shaped notes that can help you keep track of your pages, tasks, or messages. There are different designs and colors, such as black, white, orange, or gray.

We can stick them on the planner or desk, but it’s not so useful when sticking to the wall. They are easy to peel and will not leave any sticky residue.

27. Pizza Toast mat and blanket 

Quirky Cat Gifts Mat And Blanket.
Quirky cat gifts mat and blanket. (Image: Amazon)

This is a combination of a mat and a blanket that looks like a realistic pizza with cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. This set is quite comfortable because of well-made from high-quality material. If you put this cat bed in the middle of your living room, guests will think you have a genuine pizza there.

This delicious-looking bed is perfect for any pet to curl up in and take a snooze. Whether you want to give funny cat gifts as a birthday present, a Christmas present, or just a surprise, this bed will make your furbaby satisfied and purr.

28. Shark-design cat surgery recovery collar

Shark-Design Cat Cone Recovery Collar
Shark-design cat cone recovery collar. (Image: Amazon)

If your cat has had surgery or has a wound that needs to heal, you should get them a healing collar to keep them from licking or scratching the area. But why give them a tedious and unpleasant cone when you can give them these funny cat gifts: a feline surgery recovery collar with a shark?

Cotton is breathable and comfortable, making this collar ideal for the kitty’s sensitive skin. It features a humorous shark pattern that will make your pet look like it’s in danger of being eaten. Your fluffy will be the center of attention with this present.

29. Sunglasses for cats

Sunglasses For Cat
Sunglasses for cats. (Image: Amazon)

Kitten sunglasses are specialized eyewear made to fit your feline friend’s head and ears. The lenses filter out potentially dangerous ultraviolet light and cut down on glare. The frames are both comfortable and sturdy, thanks to their softness and flexibility.

The mouser fans will not resist dressing them up and taking nice photos of this fashional kitty. These sunglasses are one of the best funny gifts for cat lovers, and they’re sure to make both the recipient and their companion happy.

30. Cat toys flopping fish

Flopping Fish Toy For Cats
Flopping fish toy for cats. (Image: Amazon)

If you want to surprise your furry pet with a funny and interactive toy, you should check out these cat gag gifts designed to look like realistic fish. They have a motion sensor that activates every time your cat touches it, causing the cat teaser fish to move in a wiggling way. The automatic motion of this fish toy makes it highly attractive to cats.

These funny cat toys are constructed of a robust and soft fabric so that any kitty can safely play with the fish by biting and kicking it. It also comes with a small pouch where we can put catnip.

31. Catnip joints 

Catnip Joints For Cats
Catnip joints for cats. (Image: Meowijuana)

Does your cat need to take it easy for a while? Indulging in some catnip smokes seems a fantastic way. They are so authentic that anyone who sees a cat playing with one would be startled. 

These cigarettes will provide hours of entertainment for your cat. Indoor cats can find relief from stress and boredom with catnip joints. This is one of the best cat gag gifts you can ever think of.

32. “I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats” book

I Could Pee On This: And Other Poems By Cats
I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats. (Image: Elysian Fields)

Do you find the antics of felines to be hilarious? Have you ever wondered why they did that? If so, “I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats” by Francesco Marciuliano is a book you won’t be able to put down. This anthology of satirical poetry brilliantly portrays the mouser mind in action. 

Poems like “Who Is That on Your Lap? “, “This Is My Chair,” “Kneel Before Me,” and “Some of My Best Friends Are Dogs” will make you laugh out loud. Photos of the kitten “authors” appear throughout the book, further adding to its wit and charm. This is definitely a reasonable choice if you are looking for funny gifts for cat lovers.

33. Cat mug candle

Funny Cat Gifts Mug Candle
Funny cat gifts mug candle. (Image: Rory Dobner)

If you are looking for funny cat presents that are also eco-friendly and aromatic, you should consider getting a soy candle in a ceramic kitty mug. Any cat owner would appreciate the thoughtfulness of a kitten-themed present that is full of scent. This product’s cotton wick fills the air with a lovely fragrance like vanilla, lavender, or cinnamon.

When the candle is done giving out its aroma scent, we can simply wash out the mug and recycle it. Not only the adorable kitty but the environment also needs to be protected as well.

34. Cat-shaped ice cube tray

Cat Novelty Gifts Ice Cube Tray
Cat novelty gifts ice cube tray. (Image: Amazon)

There is a fact that you can never have too many funny cat presents. Prepare to drink something refreshing in a novelty and weird way? This product can help you: a silicone tray that can make ice into the likeness of a cat’s head yields cubes.

Everyone will be in a good mood and a cat-crazy tizzy thanks to these humourous goods. We can use it to make frozen snacks, chocolate, or candies with a feline motif. We are sure that these funny cat gifts will make any recipient excited. Let’s put some purr in our drink! 

35. Cat-themed Monopoly game

Cat-Opoly For Kitty Parent.
Cat-opoly for kitty parent. (Image: Amazon)

What would you title a version of Monopoly centered around feline antics? You nailed it! A Cat-opoly. The game is just as exciting as a classic Monopoly board game. There are a few twists that the whole family may enjoy. This collection of properties with names inspired by felines is definitely one of the best funny gifts for cat lovers.

36. Yoga cat paper towel holder

Cat Paper Towel Holder.
Cat paper towel holder. (Image: Amazon)

Does your friend want to add some kitten-themed whimsy to their kitchen? Then you need these paper towel holders, which are one of the most useful and funny gifts for cat lovers. This product is a feline in a yoga pose with a wooden stick roll of paper towels on its back.

The holder is strong and easy to use. It can hold any standard-sized roll of paper towels. This present is a practical way to keep the recipient’s paper towels handy and a weird decoration that will make them smile every time they see it.

37. Prison Name Board cat toy

Prison Name Board Catnip
Prison name board catnip. (Image: Etsy)

Does your friend’s kitten need to serve time in pet prison for their adorable misdeeds? This catnip toy is a lovely solution to help those furballs serve their sentence pleasantly. 

This funny toy is made to look like a prison name board. It has a striped black-and-white background and a place for you to write your pet’s name and the act they did. You can custom on the board what your cat did wrong, like “scratched the sofa,” “took the tuna,” or “attacked the mailman.” Then, you can take a picture of your little criminal holding the board with its hands and post it on social media to show your friends.

38. Japanese Woman Yells At Cat wall art 

Funny Cat Pictures
Funny cats picture. (Image: Etsy)

Are you looking for funny gifts for your friend who loves Japanese art and viral memes? This set is what you’re looking for. The Woman Yells At Cat pair of wall hangings will look great in any living room, bedroom, or work setting. It will make your receiver laugh and stimulate conversation among their guests. Although the set is designed to be displayed together for a complete look, the individual wall art can be hung singly.

39. Fishing Cat figurines

Fishing Cat Statue
Fishing cat statue. (Image: Etsy)

This is a set of adorable seated fishing cats. They look lovely perched on the edge of a shelf, and each one comes with its own miniature fishing rod. These models, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, perfectly represent the spirit of these expert cat-fishermen. These figurines are funny cat gifts for anyone who appreciates nature and wildlife.

40. Custom pet portrait

Custom Royal Pet Portrait.
Custom royal pet portrait. (Image: Canvas Personalized)

A custom cat royal portrait can elevate your pet’s portrait to the level of an artistic masterpiece. Each poster is printed on high-quality materials for actual color, crisp details, and lasting beauty. This is a personalized poster with your feline’s face on the body of a famous person from history or fiction, like Napoleon, Cleopatra, or Daenerys.

You can choose the print size best for your needs and tastes from several options. We are sure these personalized cat gifts will excite any receiver.

41. Funny Cat Calendar 2023

Funny Cat Desk Calendar 2023.
Funny cat calendar 2023. (Image: Jelly Armchair)

Does your pal have a fondness for felines and a need to organize your 2023 schedule? If that’s the case, this calendar may be one of the funny cat presents you’re looking for.

This gift is cute and useful, and it would look great on the receiver’s desk or in their office. Each picture is printed on high-quality paper and has a monthly grid with enough room to write down important dates and events. This cute kitty calendar will make anyone happy every day, whether they own a cat or just like how beautiful and graceful they are.

How to Choose the Perfect Funny Gifts for Cat Lovers

If you’re looking for funny gifts for cat lovers, you might be confused because of the numerous options. How do you choose a present that will make both the kitten and the person who owns it happy? Here are some tips for you:

Cat Novelty Gifts For Your Friend.
Cat novelty gifts for your friend. (Image: Getty Images)

Considering the recipient’s personality

There are many funny gifts for cat lovers that you can choose from, depending on the personality and preferences of the receiver. For instance, if the receiver enjoys memes, you could get them a mug featuring an amusing, quirky cat. Meanwhile, a coloring book or a sculpture of a funny-looking cat would be great gifts for the creative kind.

Matching the gift to the pet’s character

If you want to surprise your kitten-loving friend with a hilarious present, you should look for funny gifts for cat lovers that match their cat’s taste and personality. A comfy bed would be perfect for a cat who spends much of its time dozing. The gift can be made extra special by including the kitty’s name or pet photo.

Ensuring the safety and quality of the gift

When looking for funny gifts for your cat, you want to ensure they are safe and durable. Don’t buy a product that could hurt the kitten or be broken easily. Therefore, check the materials and ingredients and avoid things like chocolate, grapes, onions, and lilies. It’s a good idea to check reviews and ratings from other buyers to see if they’re pleased with their purchase.

Funny Gifts For Cat Lover.
Funny gifts for cat lovers. (Image: pixelshot)

>> Find your ideal cat-themed gift by exploring our suggestion:

In my personal opinion, feline people usually have a good sense of humor since they have to deal with an animal that likes to sleep on their heads. With Canvas Personalized‘s unique suggestions, finding the ideal present for your kitten-obsessed friend is no longer hard. In this list of 41 funny cat gifts, the receiver will be smitten. If you’re lucky, their kitty will like you and let you scratch its head the next time you visit. The last step to win over the recipient’s heart is to get creative with colorful wrapping paper.

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