American Pitbull Terrier: A Guide to Its Background, Training & Care

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The American Pit Bull Terrier is a popular family dog breed because of its gentle and affectionate nature. So if you’re going to adopt them, Canvas Personalized Blog has provided an exhaustive look at its background. Keep reading now!

1. Key Traits Of The American Pitbull Terrier

OriginBritish IslesGood WithFamilies; children
Dog Breed GroupTerrier DogsTemperamentFriendly; willful; playful
Common nicknamesPit – APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier)Energy LevelActive
HeightDogs: 45–53 cm (18–21 in)
Bitches: 43–50 cm (17–20 in)
WeightDogs: 15.8–27.2 kg (35–60 lb)
Bitches: 13.6–22.6 kg (30–50 lb)
Tendency to DroolLow
CoatSmooth and shortSnoreLow
ColorMultiple accepted colors and combinations (except merle). Red, black, and buckskin are the most common.BarkLow
Life spanAbout 8–15 yearsTrainabilityMedium
Key Traits Of The American Pitbull Terrier

An American pitbull terrier is recognizable by their short coat, robust build, and endearing expression. Moreover, they make great family pets if given enough training and socialization. Despite not being the best security dogs, they always protect human families with their nature and enthusiasm.

With a high pit bull energy level, the dog will never stop acting like a playful puppy, even when grown. So that’s why you should learn about this breed to find out if this dog breed is right for you.

Pitbull Terrier Temperament

Since the dog was initially developed for the cruel sport of dog fighting, people assume this breed is naturally aggressive. In contrast, the American pit bull terrier traits are affectionate, loyal, and gentle with their human. The United Kennel Club(UKC) recognizes it with a defined set of traits: signature musculature, squared-off head, almond-shaped eyes, and floppy ears.

Appearance Of The American Pitbull Terrier
Pitbull Terrier Characteristics – Copyrighted By Wisdom Panel

American pitbull terrier colors and coats vary with patterns, including blue, red, black, white, fawn, and brindle. They also come in a wide range of sizes, from about 35 pounds on the short end to a hefty 70 pounds on the large end. One more noticeable thing is that short-eared pitbull breeds are less common. Due to a lack of evidence supporting claims of the procedure’s health advantages, they are still on the list of the most loving dogs in the world.

Temperament/ Personalities

They are strong, loyal, devoted, attached, full of self-assurance, and always have a positive outlook on life. They are also lovely pets who are patient with children and other pets. That’s why they are an excellent choice for an active family that enjoys the great outdoors.

The United Kennel Club
Temperament Of American Pit Bull Terrier Puppies
Pitbull Terrier Temperament

Many people still misunderstand and have the wrong judge on the muscular builds and pitbull energy level for only hunting or killing. So early socialization and obedience training are essential when adopting an American pit bull. This dog always desires to find a loving human companion and protect their loved ones. So if you and your pitbull are best friends, you’ll never want to be without each other.

Going through all american pitbull terrier temperaments, this breed excels in performance in any aspect of human life.

2. How to Care For Pit Bull Terrier Puppies?

Beyond the American pit bull terrier traits, they are affectionate, loyal, and gentle with their human. So keep reading these essential caring tips below to make them fun-loving companions in your family.


The breed’s agility and genetic diversity will have a longer-than-normal lifespan of 9–15 years. So if you currently have a pitty or are considering getting one, visit your vet to check for any health issues.

First, American pit bull terrier traits have short coats that will cause allergies or skin concerns. Because it’s easier for allergens like grass and pollen to penetrate the skin in dogs spending more time outside. Moreover, paying extra attention to your dogs during allergy-heightened seasons is necessary.

Your American pit bull terrier puppies are prone to hip dysplasia, luxating patella, and heart disease. So paying attention to any signs of these illnesses as they age is essential. Moreover, it’s necessary to clip your pit bull’s nails, brush its teeth regularly, and check its ears for other symptoms of infection. This will help them to maintain basic hygiene and prevent minor health issues. Finally, health insurance is a popular choice among pet owners in case of illness or injury.

>>>Check out these dog care tips to maintain your pup’s health!


The American pit bull terrier is a low-maintenance dog for grooming because of its short, single coat. So you can brush its coat once a week with a comb to eliminate dead hair or flaking skin. So, the fewer hairs that fall out, the healthier their coat.

The Health Of The American Pitbull Terrier
The Health Of The American Pitbull Terrier

The American pit bull terrier is a low-maintenance dog for grooming because of its short, single coat. So you can brush its coat once a week with a comb to eliminate dead hair or flaking skin. So, the fewer hairs that fall out, the healthier their coat.

Moreover, taking the pitbull to the bath twice a month is essential to keep them healthy. You should not bathe them regularly because it will remove their skin’s natural oils.

This dog breed, like others, will need teeth brushing and nail trimming. Remember that the ears of an American pitbull terrier are a potential problem area. So cleaning their ears twice a month with the products prescribed by your vet is essential. If you live in a humid climate, weekly ear cleanings may be necessary to prevent infections when going outside or swimming.


A diet plan for your American Pit Bull Terriers should follow the Pet Food Regulation, which depends on their age and life stage.

Association of American Feed Control Officials

Or you can ask your vet to develop a feeding chart to help you determine how much and how frequently to feed your dog.

Something to keep in mind:

  • This dog breed requires more protein because of its high energy and muscularity. It includes Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to keep its coat shiny and its skin free of allergies and inflammatory problems.
  • If your dog has joint problems, it needs fish oil or glucosamine as the perfect supplement for its diet.
  • In training and rewarding your dog, you must search for dog treats with added benefits, such as high nutritional content. Remember your total calorie consumption for the day to avoid gaining weight.


American pitbull terrier is a robust dog, so providing the correct dog training tips is crucial to meet its mental stimulation needs. So you should give them at least an hour a day to walk on a leash or teach it how to come to you, stay or shake hands on your command. It can be challenging for the first-time pet owner, so consider starting the obedience training as soon as possible.

American Pitbull Terrier Training
American Pitbull Terrier Training

Pit bulls, like other dogs, are intelligent and naturally desire to hunt, so they will love games that provide mental stimulation. With energy, intellect, and endurance, they excel in various dog working activities, such as SAR, therapy, and even police dogs.

Ideal Living Environment

An American pitbull terrier is primarily a family pet because it is a dog well-known for sociability and a low tolerance for solitude. If you don’t have many other pets and can spend much time with them, they will make ideal pets for your family. Moreover, they are highly active and urged to engage in their natural behaviors, such as jumping and chasing.

So, if you live in your own home, you should take them for daily walks and engage the dog in the types of play that the dog enjoys. You should also carefully check local regulations to see what you need to know to stay safe. You must ensure your pit bull gets enough exercise if you live in an apartment.

Ideal Living Environment For Pitbull Terrier
Ideal Living Environment For Pitbull Terrier – Copyrighted by Pet Keen

They can also thrive without a yard if they get adequate exercise and playtime inside. Training an American pitbull terrier to obey commands is a great way to spend quality time together. Another important thing is that your pit bull terrier will not tolerate being left alone for long periods. They may appear harsh and macho, but they are giant softies who want nothing more than to be by the side of the people they care about.

Overall, having an American pitbull terrier in your life guarantees excitement. These canine companions are full of energy and eager for play. Every day, they must get out and exercise hard (such as teaching dogs to go potty outside). Despite their resilience, they are not suited to cold temperatures and should be kept warm. It can also be a good idea to seek the guidance of other pit bull owners for tips and pointers.

3. American Pitbull Terrier History

History Of The American Pitbull Terrier
History Of The American Pitbull Terrier – Copyrighted By American Kennel Club

Until the middle of the 19th century, it combined the terrier’s gameness with the bulldog’s power and agility to develop the specialized bull- and terrier breeds. The AKC forerunner gave these bulldogs the “American Pit Bull Terrier” appellation in 1898. Another trait passed down through generations is a reliable guard dog.

Nowadays, American pit bull terrier puppies are ideally suited for working on farms to herd animals, hunt, and spend their time as beloved family pets. Even now, they are still raised as pets, a long way from their original purpose as fighting dogs.

4. Other Fun Facts About Pitbull

  • Those who can only spare a little time should not consider adopting an American PitBull Terrier.
  • Pete, the Pup in The Little Rascals Show, was played by an American pitbull terrier.
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American Pitbull Terrier In The Little Rascals Show

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An American pitbull terrier is a breed with much promise as a devoted and affectionate family pet. Moreover, early socialization is essential because it has high intelligence and a distinctive appearance. By discovering the traits, and specific needs from the Canvas Personalized, you’ll find more fun facts to decide if one would be the best companion for your life.

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