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Dog Breeds: Border Collie Dog: A To Z Essential Info &Amp; Facts
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The border collie dog is well-known as a herding breed at heart, which ranks first on Stanley Coren’s list of “The Intelligence of Dogs”. This dog breed is excellent if you’re looking for a loyal, intelligent, affectionate companion that keeps you on your toes. Find out why they’re among the most sought-after canine breeds in the United States in the Canvas Personalized info below.

1. Key Takeaways Of The Border Collie Dog

Key Traits Of The Border Collie
Key Traits Of The Border Collie

If you’re looking for the best companion for your family, look no further than the Border Collie. The given chart will explain to you the reason why this breed has been popular for a long time.

OriginAnglo-Scottish borderGood WithFamilies, children, and other dogs
Dog Breed GroupHerdingTemperamentFriendly; willful; outgoing; intelligent & loyalty
Common nicknamesNoneEnergy LevelActive
HeightDogs 48–60 cm (19–24 in)
Bitches 46–56 cm (18–22 in)
WeightDogs 14–25 kg (31–55 lb)
Bitches 12–19 kg (26–42 lb)
Tendency to DroolLow
CoatSmooth or rough double coatSnoreLow
ColorBlack with or without white, red and white, solid color, bi-color, tri-color, chocolate merle, red and white, brindle or orangeBarkHigh
Life span10–17 years, an average of 12 yearsEasy To TrainHigh
Key Takeaways Of The Border Collie Dog

The word “collie,” meaning “sheepdog,” originates in the Scottish dialect. Therefore, the Border Collie’s name symbolizes their mixed ancestry. On October 1, 1995, the American Kennel Club officially recognized the border collie as a special herding breed.

The American Kennel Club

The border collie is the best sheepdog because of its herding skills, intelligence, and adaptability. As with the herding dogs, the dog has a high-functioning canine brain with boundless physical and mental activity.

Furthermore, the adult dog has a slightly longer body than its height, so it thrives best on farms or ranches. So if you’re looking for a fun-loving and hard-working breed, the border collie is an ideal furry family member.

Best For
Border Collies are best suited to experienced dog parents with plenty of time to teach, walk, and play. They’ll thrive in single-dog households with plenty of room to run.


The border collie dog is a medium-sized, agile dog with a standard black-and-white coat. An adult can grow 30 to 45 pounds with their low-slung build, making it ideal for working in the rugged hills and valleys of the country.

Australian Shepherd Vs Border Collie
Australian Shepherd Vs. Border Collie

The border collie resembles a more miniature, lighter Australian Shepherd but has extraordinary energy and stamina. However, the border collie dog is distinguished by its thick mane and tail that reach the hocks. The face is proportionate and easily recognized by the unique upright ears, which can flop forward endearingly.

A puppy has a short, coarse coat or one that is long and rough, and sometimes the coat can be sprinkled. Also, tan or brown, black and white, red and white, black and gray, and tri-color are common in the coat color. Moreover, a border collie’s eyes are well-known for striking; they are oval and can be brown or light blue and never stop to be attentive and watchful.

Dog Border Collie Temperaments

Temperament Of Border Collie Dog
Temperament Of Border Collie – Copyrighted By Mad About Pets UK

The border collie is generally alert, energetic, diligent, and intelligent enough to thrive in any activity. With a high energy level, give your dog plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to keep its mind healthy.

Furthermore, the dog has solid herding instincts to protect its family and territory. So ensure you devote time and effort to training your dog to obey your command. Remember to be patient and committed if your dog tends to be headstrong and self-reliant.

Border Collie Dog With Children
Border Collie Dog With Children

A puppy will benefit from early and consistent training and socialization. So let’s introduce it to new people, places, and things that will make it friendly and outgoing.

The border collie dog is susceptible to the owner’s every nuanced signal, including a whistle, a hand gesture, or a raised eyebrow. So teaching your kids how to behave with dogs and watching them while they play is crucial.

2. All Essential Info To Take Care For Dog Border Collie

If you’re the appropriate person for a border collie puppy, you must be as energetic as it is and particularly interested in dog sports. As a result, any loving family that takes the time to socialize and train their border collie puppy will have a faithful companion forever. Find out more about the border collie puppy to understand why it is the epitome of the “work hard, play hard” type of dog.

Health Issues

Health For Border Collie Puppy
Health For Border Collie – Copyrighted By WorksSOwell

The average border collie dog lives between 12 and 15 years and is susceptible to a few specific diseases. Of course, not all border collies suffer from these illnesses, but it would be best to check with the vet or a rescue group before getting one. So a dog with a valid health clearance tested for and found free of a specific disease or illness is ideal for adoption.

The American Border Collie Society requires tests for hip dysplasia and eye exams. It would be best to check for retinal atrophy, epilepsy, collie eye anomaly, and other potential illnesses. Since not all dogs may suffer from any health problems so you should prepare for any possible symptoms from your dog.

Border Collie Dog Breed Care

With a thick and weather-resistant coat, a border collie puppy sheds frequently. And if you let your dog off leash for a long walk on a farm, it will get covered in dirt and residue on its outer coat. So, a weekly brush, quick wash, or brush after a particularly dirty walk is essential to maintain a healthy coat.

Only take a bath when necessary, once every four months, or if your border collie puppies look dirty or smell bad. Brush its teeth to remove plaque and tartar twice weekly to avoid gum disease and foul breath.

Also, trim the dog’s nails monthly and check its ears weekly for signs of infection, including dirt, redness, or a foul odor. And if you and your dog spend time walking through tall grass, remember to check for debris and mites.

Training A Border Collie Puppy
Training A Border Collie Puppy

A consistent training routine and mental stimulation are essential for dog training processes. With a high intellect, you need consistent discipline when teaching your puppy. As a result, it will correlate your gestures, tone of voice, and cues with the trick you teach. This intelligent and eager-to-please dog can be trained to sit, stay, or go potty outside when your puppy reaches 8 months old. So instead of forcing your dog to jam your training into a long session, try to break it into smaller steps, more manageable chunks, and do it every day.

Hence happiness, a comfortable environment, and positive mental stimulation are essential for any training process at home.

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An adult border collie’s dietary needs vary depending on age, size, structure, metabolism, and exercise degree. It means an active dog will have more significant nutritional needs than a less active one. So like humans, dogs are unique in their dietary requirements, requiring 1.5–2 cups of premium dry food every day, split between breakfast and lunch.

Border Collie Dogs Nutrition
Border Collie Dogs Nutrition

There is no specific diet plan for all dog border collies, so you can ask your vet for advice. Make sure your border collie is at a healthy weight before consulting a vet about feeding options. If your border collie doesn’t have healthy nutrition, it can suffer from a dry, itchy coat or an upset stomach. So recheck with your vet before changing an ingredient or a new recipe.

You can feed your border collie high-quality vet-approved foods or homemade recipes. Moreover, during the training session, keeping an eye on your dog’s calorie intake from the treats or replace with a toy is also an ideal choice.

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Ideal Living Environment

A border collie dog was initially developed to herd sheep, so they have a soft spot for rural settings and farms. Today, it will also thrive in an environment with plenty of room to run and play, such as a garden, ranch, or paddock. Once they exercise, collies can adapt to city and apartment life. Check out the local policies before adopting a border collie puppy.

Ideal Living Environment For Dog Border Collie
Ideal Living Environment For Border Collie

Although dog border collie is most suited to the wide-open spaces of a farm or an apartment, leaving a dog of this breed alone for a long time is not good. It needs regular exercise, playfulness, and long walks of at least an hour daily. If not, it may take its frustration out on its owners.

3. Adopting A Border Collie Puppy

Adopting A Border Collie Puppy
Adopting Border Collie Puppies – Copyrighted By BorderCollieHealth

Look into breed rescue shelters if you are considering getting a puppy. On average, a reputable puppy can cost anywhere from $700 to $1500, while a high-quality and healthier one can cost upwards of $3,500. So the price above may range to hundreds of dollars, depending on the location of the rescue center and the puppy’s health problems… Ensure you give your dog enough time, care, and effort to make them the perfect guard family dog.

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4. Other Fun Facts

Fun Facts Of Border Collie Dog
Fun Facts Of Border Collie Dog
  • When casting the role of Fly, a character in the film Babe, a border collie was the wise choice to teach the pig how to herd sheep.
  • The border collie is one of the world’s fastest breeds that can reach up to 30 miles per hour.
  • Famous owners of the intelligent Border Collie include Queen Victoria, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ethan Hawke, and Tiger Woods.

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The border collie dog is one of the family’s perfect furry members with excellent traits and intelligence. With the breed’s characteristics list and facts from Canvas Personalized, you can decide whether to share your home with a border collie.

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