All About Aussiedoodle Dog: Traits, Health, and Caring

All About Aussiedoodle Dog: Traits, Health, And Caring
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Are you looking for a friendly and intelligent dog for your family? Then you should look into getting an Aussiedoodle dog! This hybrid breed crosses the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle, resulting in an affectionate dog. In the Canvas Personalized, we will discuss all Aussiepoo, fun facts, and how to take care of it.

1. The Essential Guide to Aussiedoodle Dog

Key traits of Aussiedoodle

Key Traits Of Aussiedoodle
Key Traits of Aussiedoodle – Copyrighted by Petland
OriginNorthern EuropeGood WithFamilies, children, cats, and other dogs
Dog Breed GroupHybrid/ Mixed breed dogsTemperamentGentle; friendly; willful; outgoing and playful
Common nicknamesAussiepoo/ Australian shepherd poodle/ AussiepoodleEnergy Level Active; High
Height14-25 inchesSheddingSeasonal
Weight25-75 poundsTendency to DroolHigh
CoatMedium; curly or longSnoreHigh
ColorGray; blue; cream; white; fawn; red; brown; chocolate; liver or blackBarkWhen necessary
Life span10-14 yearsEasy To TrainHigh
Other traitsAussiedoodle hypoallergenic; good hiking companion; hot weather tolerant; apartment-friendly; high prey drive; strong loyalty tendencies and loves water…
Key Traits Of The Aussiedoodle
Crossbreed Aussiedoodle Dog
Australian Shepherd & Goldendoodle Mix – Copyrighted by Bubbly Pet

What’s an Aussiedoodle? This dog, the offspring of an Australian shepherd and a poodle, is a bundle of high intelligence, boundless enthusiasm, loyal friendship, and stunning appearance. These traits make it a fantastic dog for families with small kids.

Although there are a few different names for Aussiepoo, mixed-breed dogs are praised for their high levels of intelligence and kind nature, according to the AKC. Moreover, Aussiedoodle hypoallergenic is one of its reputations, and most people who have allergy symptoms to dogs can accept this dog in their home. No evidence suggests that any particular dog breed is less allergic than others. So you should choose and ask the breeders carefully before adopting an Aussiepoo.

Aussiedoodle Dog Key Personalities
Aussiedoodle Dog Key Personalities – Copyrighted by Daily Paws

These Aussiedoodle puppies thrive in households where they get lots of attention and exercise. Despite being known as a genius, this dog requires positive reinforcement training to guarantee a safe environment for the family. As long as your young children learn how to play with a puppy safely, the Aussiepoo can be a wonderful family pet.

Keep reading to learn more about the characteristics shared by the various dog breeds that make up the Aussiepoo.


Since the merle traits are found in Australian shepherd dogs and poodles, this hybrid Aussiedoodle dog comes in various sizes and shapes. This dog rarely exceeds 14 inches in height and often weighs less than 20 pounds.

Aussiedoodle Dog Appearance
Aussiepoo Appearance – Copyrighted by Great Pet Care

Even though Australian shepherds and poodles have long, narrow snouts, Aussiedoodle puppies have broader skulls, shorter muzzles (and even mustaches! ), and more prominent noses. What’s lovely is that their ears are perpetually wooly and flappy.

This dog is one of the most diverse poodle crossbreeds because its coat comes in many different colors and textures. As a result, an Aussiepoo can have a fluffy, multicolored coat in shades of white, cream, tan, blue, gray, red, brown, or chocolate. Because the merle gene is dominant, they are almost the offspring of a white or cream-colored poodle and a merle Australian shepherd.

Also, the merle or piebald genes have some effect on the different shades of blue, green, pale amber, and dark brown in an Aussiedoodle’s eyes. It is called heterochromia, which causes two eyes to have different hues in some dogs.


Many pet parents praise the funny, friendly, and affectionate nature of an Aussiepoo. The Australian Shepherd and the Poodle also contribute greatly to the Aussiedoodle dog’s intelligence. You must keep your dog’s mind active by having daily long walks, beach trips, and retrieval games.

Like beagle dog breeds or French bulldogs, Aussiepoo thrives when they bond intensely with just a few people. It doesn’t mean they can’t coexist peacefully in larger groups or families.

Aussiedoodles are known for being friendly, loyal family pets. The level of socialization a puppy receives, the genes he inherits, and the temperament of his parents all play a role in shaping an Aussiedoodle’s personality and behavior. So remember that you should start your dog’s training after asking your vet carefully to find the ideal strategy.

An Aussiepoo is more likely to learn quickly and enthusiastically if you use the proper treats and games for your dog training. Moreover, the training process should begin as soon as possible when your Aussiedoodle puppies are 8 weeks old. Waiting until they are six months old will make them more stubborn.

Discuss your preferences with the breeder and get advice on choosing a dog. While looking for an Aussiepoo, finding one with a good temperament and early socialization is essential.

Best For
This breed is ideal for pet parents who want to do a lot things with it and are willing to spend time and effort for it.

2. What To Expect When Caring For Aussiedoodle Puppies?

Health Issues

Aussiedoodle Puppies'S Health Issues
Aussiedoodle Puppies’ Health Issues – Copyrighted by MATTHEW PALMER

A hybrid Aussiepoo will be your loving companion for 10–14 years. Because the Aussiepoo can have susceptibility to several diseases with the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle, even though they’re both generally healthy. So this highlights the significance of consistent care and veterinary checks.

Thyroid Disease

According to the Australian Shepherd Club of America, thyroid illness is the most common inherited problem of hypothyroidism in dogs, called thyroiditis.

Unusual changes in body composition, skin issues, and a need for increased body temperature are all signs. Medications to treat the condition are readily available and relatively low in cost.

Sebaceous Adenitis

According to the Poodle Club of America, sebaceous adenitis is one of Poodles’ most frequent skin diseases. Scaling, flaking, and hair loss are all symptoms of the disease, which causes inflammation of the natural oils in the skin and hair. Seborrheic adenitis is not curable, but its symptoms can be controlled with regular baths and ointments.

Aussiedoodle Dog Health Check
Aussiepoo Health Check – Copyrighted by The Daily Pup

Joint Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia are common in medium and big Aussiedoodle puppies. Joint abnormalities cause dysplasia, leading to discomfort and, if left untreated, arthritis. It can be treated with regular exercise, a nutritious diet, and weight management.


The Aussiepoo, like its Poodle ancestor, has a deep chest and is prone to bloating. Gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) is a life-threatening condition in which the dog’s stomach swells with air and twists. Some of the bloating symptoms include:

  • Restlessness
  • Excessive drooling
  • Retching or attempting to vomit
  • Panting
  • Distended stomach
  • Collapse

Also, one of the most common health problems when you bring a new puppy into your home, is obesity. Maintaining a healthy weight for your Aussiepoo is one of the best things you can do for his long-term health and happiness.

You should inquire about the health history of the breeder’s older dogs if you plan to get an Aussiepoo puppy.

Aussiedoodle Caring And Grooming

Aussiedoodles and other poodle hybrids are popular among pet owners who want to cut down on their dog’s grooming and cleaning. 

Aussiedoodle Caring
How To Care For Aussiedoodle Shedding

The Aussiedoodle shedding is low; generally, you may need to groom your dog once a week with a slicker brush to remove loose hair. Remember, you must do so twice a week during spring and fall. If your dog has fur that is more reminiscent of a poodle’s, then regular professional grooming is recommended. How often you brush your dog’s hair will vary from dog to dog.

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Inspect the ears, teeth, and nails at your normal brush time and use that time as a bonding opportunity. Keeping your little Aussiepoo’s teeth clean will be one of your top priorities as a pet parent. Moreover, always check your pet’s ears for dirt and bugs and clean them as your vet instructs. Nails should be clipped once or twice a month to prevent your dog from getting painfully infected.

Daily Walk For Aussiedoodle Puppies
Daily Walk For Aussiepoo Puppies

Aussiedoodles have a tendency to acquire weight and are very active. A half-hour to an hour-long walk daily, with some active playtime and shorter walks sprinkled in, is ideal for your dog’s health and happiness.

No dog, regardless of its coat, is completely hypoallergenic. The degree to which a person is affected by an animal’s dander, saliva, or urine depends on the amount of protein in those fluids.

Hence, you should take your Aussiepoo in for frequent examinations at the vet like you would any other dog so that you may catch any potential health issues early. Get advice from your vet on how to best maintain your dog’s health.

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Aussiedoodle Dog Training Tips
Aussiedoodle Dog Training Tips

Aussiepoo enjoys both playtime and clicker training. They quickly pick up more advanced tricks once they’ve mastered the basics. To be a responsible pet owner, you must train your Aussiepoo to stay and come when called.

The Aussiepoo is a hybrid of two dog breeds known for their high level of trainability, so you can expect training to be a breeze. So here are some speedy training techniques:

  • Training and Reward

The two things that drive these animals are their devotion and insatiable appetites. Treats, praise, and playtime are all part of the positive reinforcement training that will keep your dog interested and involved.

  • Ensure your dog is getting adequate physical activity

The Aussiepoo puppies have a lot of energy and must be exercised often to be good trainees. A lack of focus during training sessions may indicate that this doodle needs more time to run around and play.

  • Keep a training session short and effective

Keeping training sessions under ten minutes is important, especially when starting out with a puppy, so they don’t become bored or stressed. In addition to training, exercise, and exploring, these active dogs need time to rest to remember what they have learned.

  • Be consistent & patience

As with any smart dog, the Aussiedoodle is a master at finding ways to get around the rules of the house. Setting firm boundaries with a smart Aussiepoo can be challenging, but in the end, you’ll be pleased you did.

Some fun activities for an Aussiepoo:

Fun Games For An Aussiedoodle Dog
Fun Games for An Aussiedoodle Dog – Copyrighted by Premier Pups

What To Feed an Aussiedoodle

The best diet for an Aussiepoo should be designed for a high-energy, small- to medium-sized breed. Since it inherits the propensity for weight growth shared by its two parent breeds, it’s important to maintain a consistent feeding schedule and avoid providing free access to food at all times.

There is so much diversity among individual dogs regarding weight, energy level, and health, so you should consult your vet for advice on your Aussiedoodle’s food. So, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) says that a fully grown Aussiepoo should eat two meals daily.

The Pet Food Institute‘s dietary recommendations for an active dog’s diet need protein, fat, and vitamins like A and D3. Vitamin A protects a dog’s eyesight and strengthens its immune system, while vitamin D3 keeps its bones healthy. The wavy coat on your Aussiepoo may be kept healthy with the help of fats, and the protein in her diet can provide the energy she needs to run and play.

Ideal Living Environment

Living Need For Aussiedoodle
Living Need For Aussiedoodle

Most people believe an expansive yard or land is necessary for a full-grown Aussiepoo because of the dog’s weight (up to 75 pounds!). So apartment-dwelling families can be perfect for the right approach to physical activity.

Aussiedoodles are fantastic family dogs because of their high intelligence and high energy levels, but this also means they require a lot of playtime and exercise. Even so, be sure that any kids playing with your Aussiepoo know how to do so securely.

Aussiedoodle With Other Pets
Aussiedoodle With Other Pets

Moreover, Aussiedoodles can coexist peacefully with other pets if introduced to them gradually and gently. So training and early socialization can contribute to an Aussiepoo getting along well with other pets.

As a crossbreed, Aussiepoo puppies place a premium on regular physical activity. That helps them avoid problems with their lateness. Take them on walks regularly, have regular playtime, and provide mentally engaging items to ensure their minds are constantly in motion.

3. Adoption For Aussiedoodle Puppies

Adopting Aussiedoodle puppies can save you money compared to buying one from a breeder. Pet adoption costs can be anything from $150 to $500, depending on age and size. The adoption fee for an older Aussiepoo is significantly lower than a puppy’s.

Adoption For Aussiedoodle Puppies
Adoption For Aussiedoodle Puppies – Copyrighted by My Pup Central

You can expect to spend more money on your Aussiedoodle after the initial cost of choosing and bringing it home. A lifetime investment in an Aussiedoodle is much more expensive than the initial investment. You should save up for a rainy day before you go out and buy an Aussiepoo. The typical lifespan of an Aussiepoo is 12 years or more. If you want to keep this up for 12 years, you should budget at least $20,000 annually.

Finding out whether any of the local rescues, shelters, or humane organizations in your area have any Aussiedoodles is a must if you adopt an Aussiepoo puppy.

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4. Other Fun Facts

  • The incredible variety of these dogs’ coat colors, facial features, and dispositions can be seen on the popular Instagram feed Aussiedoodles Daily.
Aussiedoodle Dog
Different Coat Colors and Patterns
  • There is a wide range of possible coat colors and patterns for Aussiedoodles.
Aussiedoodle Puppies
Aussiedoodles have two different colored eyes
  • The Aussiedoodle inherited heterochromia, a distinctive feature of its Australian Shepherd ancestry, and it is one of the breed’s most defining traits. In contrast, this inherited trait causes dogs to have different colored eyes. Some Aussiepoos have two different colored eyes, brown with blue or blue with brown, in one or both eyes.

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The Aussiedoodle dog is a great family pet since it is smart, intelligent, and rarely sheds. This dog can become a wonder excellent with the proper training, playtime, and attention. Follow our Canvas Personalized to discover more amazing dog breeds.

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