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The first Australian shepherd dog, a herding dog, probably appeared in the western United States around the 1840s. Despite its original name, it is often known as an Aussie, an athletic, loyal, and brilliant dog. Continue reading the Canvas Personalized Blog to learn more about this dog breed’s essential characteristics.

1. Key Traits Of The Australian Shepherds Dog

Key Traits Of The Australian Shepherds Dog
Key Traits Of The Australian Shepherds Dog – Copyrighted by Daily Paw
OriginUnited StatesGood WithFamilies, children, and other dogs
Dog Breed GroupSheep-herding dogTemperamentFriendly; willful; playful; intelligent
Common nicknamesAussieEnergy LevelActive
Height20–23 in (51–58 cm)SheddingSeasonal
Weight35–70 lb (16–32 kg)Tendency to DroolLow
CoatMedium longSnoreLow
ColorBlue or red merle, solid black or red, and/or white markings and/or tan points, or a mixture of allBarkFrequent
Life span12 to 15 yearsEasy To TrainHigh
Key Traits Of The Australian Shepherd Dog

The Australian shepherd dog is a breed of dog that has become more popular in Australia since it was introduced to the country in the 1800s. It is the athletic, loyal, and brilliant herding sheepdog, as shown in the diagram. Its background as a working dog makes it a devoted pet with loyalty and affection that will capture your heart.

Best For
The Australian Shepherd is best suited to high-energy families with children. Also they can spend the time training and teaching an Aussie.


The standard Australian shepherd dog is medium-sized and has a sturdy build. Moreover, with the high-set, forward-flapping ears and a low body structure, this breed is a working dog group.

The Australian shepherd puppy has a thick, short coat in several hues or patterns. It includes blue merle, red merle, solid black, and solid red, with or without white markings and tan tips. Moreover, it has a weatherproof outer layer of medium-length, straight, or slightly wavy hair.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Coat
Australian Shepherd Puppy Coat – Copyrighted K9 Web

Its noses, lips, and eye rims are typically black, blue merle, or both. All Aussies are born with a shorter-than-average tail due to a genetic mutation. According to the AKC, tail docking is no longer recommended because it may cause more harm than good. So the bobbed tails became the norm to help them minimize injuries in the fields while they worked.


The Australian cattle dog is well-known for its smarts, high energy dogs, loyalty, playful spirit, and versatility. Even though most sheepdogs are kept as pets, some still have a strong herding tendency. So it’s best to introduce them to young children and other dogs to familiarize them with your family.

Australian Shepherd Dog Temperament
Australian Shepherd Dog Temperament – Copyrighted By BeChewy

The Australian Shepherd dog is among the most intelligent, high-energy, and intensely loyal companions among boxer dog breeds. Moreover, Australian cattle dog has high energy level, so it thrives in many activities and learns quickly. Along with these traits of this dog breed, you should prepare a careful dog training method for their daily needs.

2. All Essential Info To Care For Dog Australian Shepherds

The shepherd dog could be the perfect companion who wants to be by your side forever. Keep reading this comprehensive breed profile below!


The average lifespan of an Australian shepherd is 12–15 years in normal conditions. Australian shepherds also seem to be the same hereditary illnesses as other breeds. So having valid health issues clearance is essential when adopting an Aussie.

They tend to suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, a hereditary abnormality of the hip socket. Cataracts and other eye diseases are common in Australian shepherd puppies. Moreover, this breed may also have a higher incidence of epilepsy. These issues can cause pain, inflammation, and eventually arthritis.

Australian Shepherds Generally Healthy Dogs Issues
Australian Shepherds Generally Healthy Dogs Issues – Copyrighted By Pets Nurturing

You need to take and check your dog to the veterinarian for treatment frequently. Giving them high-quality, healthy dog food and regular exercise may maintain their health. Moreover, checking hips, elbows, and eyes and providing frequent ear cleanings and dental care is vital to avoid these health issues. In any case, having pet health insurance is a safety net many owners choose to have.


The Australian shepherd dog thrives best in wet and cold climates because of its water-resistant, medium-length coat. Moreover, this is one of those breeds that shed. All seasons are shedding seasons for this breed, but spring is when it starts to lose its winter coat.

To avoid their coat from any signs of infection, such as redness or elbow dysplasia, brush once a week during shedding season. Remember to spray the coat with a conditioner with water and meet in the direction the hair grows and goes down to the skin.

Removing excessive hair with an undercoat rake is essential to find signs of discharge from the eyes and ears. Moreover, the Australian cattle dog doesn’t need to bathe regularly if you frequently brush their coat. Remember to use shampoo explicitly formulated for dog fur.

Moreover, keep your nails trimmed to avoid splintering and the pain that comes with it. Nails are excessively long if they make a clicking sound when walked on. Furthermore, this dog breed should have a lot of physical and mental stimulation to maintain their health daily.

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Ideal Living Environment

The Australian shepherd dog is famous for their boundless energy, so they thrive on ranches to run around the fenced-in yard and play. With enough outdoor space to walk around and play flyball, your Aussies will be very content with city apartment living.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Ideal Living Environment
Australian Shepherd Puppy Ideal Living Environment

While they often make great family dogs and get along well with other animals, keep an eye when they are around your children at home. Since an Australian shepherd puppy is energetic and brilliant, it may experience separation anxiety if left alone for a long time. So spending time with your dog and taking it on adventures will be better for Aussies.

Hence, before adopting an Australian cattle dog, it can be helpful to get advice from the rescue dog group to determine if the breed is appropriate.


Aussie dogs are pretty active so they will need more calories than others. To guarantee you’re getting a balanced dog food, you should follow AAFCO nutritional guidelines. Or you can ask your vet to ensure your dog gets enough nutrients to keep up with their high energy levels.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials

Something to keep in mind:

  • Some Australians may have food allergies that cause itchy, dry skin, so you need to feed them hypoallergenic foods. Look for any signs and bring them up with your veterinarian.
  • In training and rewarding your dog, balance the number of treats you give them at mealtimes. Even energetic dogs might gain weight if they consume more calories than they burn. So that’s why you need to discuss it with your vet to determine the proper portions.

Australian Shepherd Training

The Australian shepherd dog is easy to train because of its loyalty, intelligence, and boundless energy. With positive reinforcement methods, it will obey the owner in exchange for treats, toys, and other goodies.

As a result, obedience training is critical for developing a strong bond with mental stimulation. Training them with the basic cues, such as: how to sit, stay, or go potty outside, won’t take long. So physical activity is vital to keeping the athletic dog happy and well-behaved to work as a service dog.

3. Adopting an Australian Shepherd Breeder

Getting an Australian Shepherd from any search and rescue group is easy. It is a good place to search first, as many people who can no longer care for their dogs turn to rehoming organizations to find new homes for them.

How much does an Australian Shepherd cost? You should expect to pay between $700.00 and $3000.00 for a healthy, well-bred Australian shepherd puppy. The reputation of the breeder and even the color of the dog’s coat might make a difference in the final price.

Adopting An Australian Shepherd Dog
Adopting an Australian Shepherd Dog – Copyrighted By Daily Paw

In reality, 60% of Australian Shepherd owners reported spending between $500 and $1,000 on initial dog fees. While 58% said, the costs aligned with their budget, and 32% said they paid more. Moreover, sixty-six percent of shepherd owners will spend between $50 and $149 on their pets for dog food and beyond every month.

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4. Other Fun Facts For Herding Dogs

  • Competitive Frisbee catching was a common pastime in the 1970s. In the Super Bowl XII halftime show, an Australian shepherd dog and its owner, Eldon McIntire, went to the White House to visit President Jimmy Carter after earning an award for their frisbee performance.
  • The Australian shepherd has become famous in Western videos, movies, and television shows.
  • The name “Australian shepherd” is a misnomer because these dogs originated in Europe. The European Alps are where the breeds start from the Basque region of the Pyrenees, between Spain and France.
  • Dog’s eye: Having two colors, blue and black, is extremely common in shepherd puppies.

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The Australian shepherd dog has developed as a herding instincts dog because it is sturdy, strong, and brilliant. Moreover, it is also a much-loved pet and one of the most popular breeds of companion dogs. If you give it enough attention, this dog is a devoted friend overflowing with love and affection. So Canvas Personalized Blog has provided the above-detailed info to determine if this breed is appropriate for you.

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