20 Exquisite Calico Cat Gifts to Brighten Any Fan’s Day

Calico Cat Gifts
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As animals of good luck in the cultures of many countries, calico felines have been loved for a long time. In the United States, they’re even known as “money cats.” If you want to share their luck and beauty with someone else, look for calico cat gifts.

At Canvas Personalized, we have a list of 20 great presents that feature these tricolor kittens to make your search much more specific. Let’s dive into the world of the charm and originality of this fortunate feline.

Enchanting Calico Cat Gifts to Elevate Your Space

1. Calico Cat Ceramic Mug

These calico cat items are the perfect presents for a friend who adores tricolored felines. This mug looks like you’re holding a real kitty’s foot because it’s shaped like a calico cat’s paw with pink paw pads on the bottom. It can hold 9 ounces of your favorite beverage. You can also wash this gift in the dishwasher.

Ceramic Cup - Calico Cat Gift Items
Ceramic cup – calico cat gift items. (Image: Amazon)

Tips From Us:

This ceramic mug conducts heat evenly, making it great for making coffee.

2. Calico Cat Ornaments

This ornament is a calico kitten made from glass. In addition to being lightweight, the decoration also comes with a gold hook, making it simple to hang. It is also a hand-painted work that has been given meticulous colors and details. 

Calico Cat Christmas Ornament
Calico Cat Christmas Ornament. (Image: Old World Christmas)

Tips From Us:

When not in use, you must keep this ornament in a safe place and transport it in bubble wrap. This is an ideal addition to your collection of calico cat gifts for the Christmas holiday.

3. Calico Cat Magnet

This magnet is a lovely and practical gift that will brighten any metal surface. It has a tricolor pattern of a beautiful calico cat on it. The magnet is strong and well-made, allowing it to attach to your refrigerator, dishwasher, or knife rack. Your friend will love these adorable calico cat gifts and be grateful for your adoration.

Calico Cat Magnet For Home Decor
Calico Cat Magnet for Home Decor. (Image: Etsy)

Tips From Us:

It’s an exciting hobby when you turn your fridge into a collection of your favorite kitten magnets in various shapes and poses.

4. Calico Kitty Garden Flag

This garden flag is a charming decoration that will bring a splash of color to your friend’s garden. It depicts a lovely calico cat inspired by the famous Starry Night art. The polyester material used to make the product is long-lasting and easy to wash.

Flag For Calico Cat Items
Flag for Calico Cat Items. (Image: Etsy)

Tips From Us:

This is the perfect gift for those who want to enjoy spending most of their time outdoors.

5. Calico Cat Plant Holder

This planter is crafted from a wool-cotton combination. You can put potted cacti or succulents in this product and decorate them with pretty pebbles. The cat herb holder is also made to look like a cartoon tricolor cat, which will make your friend smile.

Plant Holder For Calico Cat Gifts
Plant Holder for Calico Cat Gifts. (Image: Amazon)

Tips From Us:

These adorable planters can be placed anywhere, from a windowsill or bookcase to a table centerpiece or desk adornment.

6. Calico Ceramic Figurine

This figurine looks like a sleeping tricolor kitty, with its cute face and colorful fur. They are made from high-quality ceramic, which makes them durable and easy to clean. This calico cat merchandise will make anyone say wow because of its lovely and peaceful look.

Figurine For Calico Cat Lovers
Figurine for Calico Cat Lovers. (Image: Amazon)

Tips From Us:

You should display it in a well-lit area, like a windowsill, a shelf, or a desk. The shiny ceramic surface will reflect light, highlighting the figurine’s hues and features.

7. Calico Set Cup Coaster and Spoon

This set is the perfect calico cat gift to brighten your loved one’s mornings with pleasure and sweetness. The product includes a glass cup, a coaster, and a spoon, all featuring a lovely calico kitten illustration. High-quality glass is used to make the mug, which makes it very light and easy to hold for long periods of time. The coaster and spoon are also made of durable materials and have an adorable kitty design that matches the cup.

Calico Set Cup Coaster And Spoon
Calico Set Cup Coaster and Spoon. (Image: Amazon)

Tips From Us:

Because of their thin construction, you shouldn’t let the temperature of the water change too suddenly.

8. Calico Cat Rug

These rugs are lovely calico cat gift items that will make your giftee feel like they have a tricolor kitten in their home. This product is made of super-absorbent material, which makes it dry quickly and prevents slipping. The rug comes in two sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your friend’s bathroom. 

Bathroom Rug For Calico Cat Gifts
Bathroom Rug for Calico Cat Gifts (Image: Amazon)

Tips From Us:

This product is most suitable for the bathroom. 

9. Calico Cat Sake Bottle

This set is cute and practical calico cat merchandise to make your loved one enjoy their sake more. The product includes a sake bottle resembling a calico kitten and two white cups. The spout of the bottle is tilted, which makes it easy to pour sake in a smooth stream. This set is made of high-quality ceramic, so it will last a long time and is easy to clean.

Calico Cat Sake Bottle For Feline Lovers.
Calico Cat Sake Bottle for Feline Lovers. (Image: eBay)

Tips From Us:

Before using it for the first time, you should wash it with warm water and mild soap. This will help remove any dust from the item during packaging and shipping.

Trendy Calico Cat Gifts to Level Up Your Style

10. Calico Cat Mom T-shirt

The t-shirt is made of soft, comfy fabric and features a calico kitty illustration in thin lines. This t-shirt will show off cat mom’s style and personality, whether she wears it with jeans, skirts, or shorts.

T-Shirt For Calico Cat Mom
T-shirt for Calico Cat Mom. (Image: Etsy)

Tips From Us:

You can customize the t-shirt with her furbaby’s name under the cat image.

11. 3D Calico Cat Socks

Do you want to surprise your friend with fun and quirky calico cat gifts? Then it would be best if you got them these kitty socks. They have a 3D design of a tricolor feline’s head, ears, and front legs that look like they are hugging your giftee’s feet. The socks are made of high-quality materials that fit well and have durability.

Cute Calico Cat Socks
Cute Calico Cat Socks. (Image: Cute But Crazy Socks)

Tips From Us:

These socks will add a warm look to your pajamas on a freezing evening.

12. Calico Cat Wallet

This wallet is a practical accessory for storing money, cards, and coins. It is made of vegan leather, so you can be sure it is kind to animals and the environment. The cutest part of the wallet is its pattern, which depicts a lovely calico cat on a teal background.

Vegan Leather Calico Cat Wallet
Vegan Leather Calico Cat Wallet. (Image: eBay)

Tips From Us:

Wipe this wallet with a dry towel to keep it as durable as possible.

13. Calico Cat Slippers for Winter

If you want to give a friend some calico cat items that are both cozy and cute, these slippers are a good choice. This product has a slip-resistant EVA sole, making it incredibly practical and safe to wear. Although they are fluffy and plush, you can still easily clean them in cold water.

Calico Cat Slippers For Winter.
Calico Cat Slippers for Winter. (Image: eBay)

Tips From Us:

You can also use it outdoors because of the anti-slip sole.

14. Calico Cat Earrings

The tri-colored earrings are lightweight and comfortable, so they won’t hurt your friend’s ears. This item is made of metal and has a hook closure. They come in a lovely gift box, ready to be presented to your loved one. We are sure that your companion will appreciate these calico cat gifts and enjoy wearing them on any occasion.

Earrings Gifts For Calico Cat Mom.
Earrings Gifts for Calico Cat Mom. (Image: eBay)

Tips From Us:

We highly recommend this item for those who want to add a little adorable kitty to the overall look.

15. Calico Cat Pen Case

This pencil case is a practical calico cat gift and a cute accessory. It has a zipper closure that keeps your pens and pencils secure and organized. This item comes in two sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your friend’s needs. It is made from durable silicone that is soft and easy to clean. 

Calico Cat Pen Case.
Calico Cat Pen Case. (Image: gouletpens)

Tips From Us:

These holders are perfect for art students, artists, and art teachers. Standing up the pencil case will make it easier to take out the pens.

Entertaining Calico Cat Gifts to Create Memories

16. Catology 1000 Puzzles

This set of 1000-piece puzzles features an elegant calico kitten sitting on a messy table. The puzzles are also eco-friendly because they are made from 100% recycled cardboard and have ink made from soy. These calico cat lovers gifts can help your giftee free themselves from distractions and relax after a long day.

Calico Cat Toys - 1000 Puzzles
Calico Cat Toys – 1000 Puzzles. (Image: Amazon)

Tips From Us:

Completing hard jigsaw puzzles with your loved ones is an entertaining networking activity. 

17. Calico DIY Craft Kit

This craft kit allows you to create your calico cat figurine in a fun and unique way. All you need are scissors and your imagination, without tape or glue. The kit contains pieces of cardboard that may be cut, folded, and pieced together like a puzzle.

Diy Craft Kit For Calico Owners
DIY Craft Kit for Calico Owners. (Image: Amazon)

Tips From Us:

Your cat can be movable because of the designed pipe structure, so you can showcase your calico in various poses. These calico cat toys are ideal for anyone who adores tricolor felines and enjoys crafting.

18. Calico Cat Pin

If you are looking for calico cat gifts that are both funny and adorable, then this enamel pin is the perfect option. These little items will bring playfulness and brighten up any outfit, making the giftee always remember their furbaby. It has a glossy, durable enamel finish, making the calico kitten with sparkling green eyes stand out. The metal clutch on the pin makes it simple to attach and remove. 

Adorable Calico Cat Pin
Adorable Calico Cat Pin. (Image: Best Friends Store)

Tips From Us:

You can customize your casual backpack or T-shirt by attaching numerous colorful pins.

19. Calico Cat Notebook

The picture of a calico cat with gold stars around it gives the notebook a magical vibe. This item has 120 unlined pages, so it’s great for writing down daily notes, thoughts, or anything else that comes to mind. 

Calico Cat-Themed Notebook
Calico Cat-themed Notebook. (Image: Amazon)

Tips From Us:

You can put stickers, washi tape, or doodles on this notebook to make it look more attractive. 

20. Calico Cat Plush Pillow

This pillow is a squishy stuffed animal that looks like a charming calico cat. It is 21 inches long, making it ideal for all-night hugging. The pillow is also made of a soft material that allows it to be used as a chair cushion.

Pillow For Calico Kitten Plush Toys
Pillow for Calico Kitten Plush Toys. (Image: Amazon)

Tips From Us:

You can wash these plush toys by hand or machine, but do not use bleach or iron. This is the perfect present for children who are passionate about calico kittens.

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We hope this article from Canvas Personalized has helped you find the perfect calico cat gifts. You will never see two of these felines with precisely the same fur. Therefore, make your present as unique as this adorable tricolor kitten with heartfelt cards and colorful gift wrap. No matter what you choose, we are sure your loved one will appreciate and cherish your sincere gift.

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