How To Teach A Dog Its Name In 4 Foolproof Steps-New Tricks

How To Teach A Dog Its Name In 4 Foolproof Steps-New Tricks
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Your young puppies are bound to become more than just a pet; they are your closest friend and, above all, a cherished family member. So it’s essential to teach a dog its name because the dog learns it is its name. Then, if you still don’t know what should be done first, Canvas Personalized has provided 4 easy steps to teach names.

1. How To Teach A Dog Its Name: Steps By Steps

Why Is Teaching Your Dog Its Name Important Part?

Teaching A Puppy Its Name Is Important
How To Teach A Puppy Its Name – Copyrighted By The Dodo

Keep your dog off-leash; this is the foundation of all dog training tips. Teaching a puppy their name is one of the most effective ways for them to respond to their name and seek your interaction or to keep them safe in an emergency. Check out these other good things below before teaching a dog its name:

  • Official recognition of the four-legged member in your family for the rest of their life
  • The first step toward raising a well-mannered pet.
  • Improve your ability to concentrate and execute your command quickly when you teach dog their name.
  • Teaching a dog its name will build a strong bond with your new puppy and lay the groundwork for all future training sessions.

What You’ll Need To Teach Dog Their Name

Teach A Dog Its Name Requirements
Teach A Dog Their Own Name Requirements

A crucial aspect of responsible dog ownership is quickly capturing your dog’s attention. Before you start teaching a puppy its name, and this goes for any long run training session, you need to go through all these below requirements to be successful:

  • A quiet area or distraction-free space
  • Have any tasty treat on hand and toys
  • Short training sessions scheduled for 15 to 20 minutes per day
  • Patience
  • Enthusiasm

4 Foolproof Steps In Teaching A Dog Their Name

Whatever name you give your dog, use positive reinforcement training to get the dog to respond to its name. Moreover, remember that adult dogs respond to sounds rather than language. To start how to teach your dog its name, think about a new name for your dog because you’ll use it for all the dog’s trick training later.

Step 1: Grab your dog’s attention.

Teach A Dog Its Name
Grab your dog’s attention.

Catch your dog by watching them potter about, wink, or play. Once they come close to you or glance over at you, reward them. Focus on you is the key to teaching name. Repeat to make them understand that looking at you is good behavior.

Pro tips: You must maintain focus because it is the basis of all obedience training.

Step 2: Introduce your dog’s name.

Teach A Dog Its Name
Introduce Your Dog’s Name

Once your dog gets used to looking at you in initial training, say their name in a happy voice (happy tone of voice) while throwing some treats for them to come and eat. Repeat multiple times until your dog looks at you when you say your dog’s name, then reward them or click to mark this behavior.

Step 3: Keep practicing with their name

Repetition makes perfect, so all you need to teach name recognition is to keep them practicing with a positive association. You can teach its name by throwing the treat in many different directions: around you, near to or far from you, on the left or the right, behind or in front of you. Only reward them after your dogs hear their name from you and run backwards to you.

*Pro tip: Make this step a fun game so your dog will pay attention to you and return to you when you teach their name. Always reward them or click to mark their good process when hearing their name.

Step 4: Increase distractions in different places.

Teach A Dog Its Name
Training in distracting places.

Keep saying their name in a distracting environment like your garden, park, or crowd. When your dog learns to respond to their name regardless of the distractions around them, you can increase the number of distractions. Gradually increase the distraction in the environment and make sure you’ll be cheerful, upbeat, and full of rewards. Repetition and reward.

*Pro tip: Do not repeat their name too much; that will decrease your effectiveness at grabbing your dog’s attention. Try increasing the challenge once your dog responds to their name regularly. Ensure you offer them many higher-value treats.

2. Advanced Methods In Teaching A Dog Their Name

How To Teach A Dog Its Name Without Treats

Most adult dogs can be motivated by treats in teaching names, making them an invaluable reward. So to teach a dog its own name without using treats, consider using “real-life rewards” or cutting it into small pieces. What will the dog find enjoyable and motivated at the name training session?


Touch is a complex physical contact that can be used to reward your dog because it demonstrates puppy owners’ genuine emotion and appreciation for them. Puppy owners can praise their dogs by massaging, rubbing, or petting them when relaxed and lying beside them. Consider the dog’s reactions as you approach; if they shy away or are hesitant to engage with you, this method is likely not something they enjoy when teaching their name.


As mentioned above, using praise when teaching its name is a great way to reward your dog without using treats. No matter which marker word you say ( “Good dog!” or “Good job!”), many dogs who are already enthusiastic about praise can be trained to become praise seekers by associating it with positive teaching a dog its name.

Choosing A Name For A Dog

Most people go through several names before settling on one; some give their dogs initials, middle names, and surnames. Eventually, people who share their pups’ lengthy names will resort to calling them by shorter forms or nicknames. So consider using a short name or easy-to-remember name that you’ll use to learn how to teach a puppy their name.

How To Change Your Dog’s Name

Along with getting a new pup at home, adopting one is also a popular choice for many people. And they also find it hard to give them a new name and try to avoid getting their dogs confused. So consider changing nicknames to teach a dog its name. Hence, making your dog a well-socialized family member who will always come when called and eagerly anticipate their company is essential.

3. Noticeable Things

Noticeable Things To Teach A Dog Its Name
Noticeable Things How To Teach Your Dog Its Name
  • Avoid making it a habit to call your dog’s name repeatedly in any circumstance.
  • Avoid getting into the habit of paying attention to your dog when they misbehave; reward or praise them instead.
  • Don’t use negative language when teaching your dog its name or stopping a behavior you don’t like.
  • Never call your dog by their name when you intend to do something unpleasant to them, such as clipping or bathing. If they come to you on command with bad things happening, they may start ignoring you.
  • Never give your dog a command by using their name. Your dog should obey your commands to sit, stay, and lie down without you having first mentioned its name.
  • Never start shouting your dog’s name if they ignore your command or don’t come immediately. Instead, attempt to stroll with her away from distraction and start training again. Always create a fun name game and reward them when they pay attention to you.
  • Before playing the name game, check with your vet to see if it has health or behavior problems.

>>Further reading:

When having a new puppy in your home, teach a dog its name will be the last of your dog’s training tricks list. After reading our steps and tips from Canvas Personalized above, teaching your dog its name; will not take much time and will aid in the future training of your puppy.

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